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Cell Site Analysis is the process by which the geographical location of a mobile phone or data device is approximated. With this valuable information, a Cell Site Analysis Expert Witness can demonstrate the likelihood of that individual being at the scene of a crime at a time of interest – and when supported by witness statements, CCTV images and number plate recognition data, this cell site data can help create a convincing picture of evidence.

An Unrivalled Selection of Expert Witness Cell Site Analysts

Cell site surveys, cell mapping, call sequencing and detailed reports are all covered by our experts, delivering the vital expert opinion needed to make sense of the data.

From analysing call data records and producing call sequence tables, to completing cell site field surveys and providing mapping services for locating cell sites, cell sectors, scenes of crime and pertinent addresses – our network of experts are well-versed in the complexities of Cell Site Analysis and will provide valuable insights to help confirm or disprove alibis.

With an eminent Expert Panel made up of over 750 hand-picked experts – all who are renowned within their field – we’re incredibly proud to offer an extensive network of Cell Site Analysis Expert Witnesses.



What is a Cell Site analysis expert witness?

A cell site analysis expert witness is typically used in criminal law trials. They identify the geographical location of a mobile phone by analysing the data from cell sites.

The call data records are then analysed to determine:
  • The location of the mobile phone
  • If the behaviour was ‘normal’
  • What mobile phone was used
  • What SIM card was used
This forensic technique can be used on live or historic data or subjects.



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