Forensic Accountant Expert Witness


From drug offences to money laundering, professional negligence to fatal accidents, financial crime appears in a variety of forms. These particular crimes can be large in scale, involve huge sums of money and multiple parties, which is why a reliable, experienced and highly qualified Forensic Accountant Expert Witness is required to analyse and interpret the complicated financial data.

First Class Forensic Accountant Expert Witnesses

Drawing on a wealth of first-hand experience in the forensic accountancy field, our expert witnesses can be involved at the earliest stages of a legal case – and the same certified Forensic Accountant will work on the case throughout the entire legal process, from the initial report right through to court appearance. In all they do, our Forensic Accountants are dedicated to identifying complex and multiple transactions in a variety of evidence to identify fraud, money laundering, theft and proceeds of crime. 

Our network of over 750 hand-picked expert witnesses comprises of the very best Forensic Accountants in the industry, all who are committed to delivering timely, highly detailed and accurate forensic accounting reports to deadline and within budget.

When it comes to selecting experts to join our eminent panel, a line on a piece of paper stating their qualifications and experience simply isn’t enough. Each and every one of our experts is subject to stringent recruitment and quality checks, ensuring validation of qualifications, registrations and indemnity insurance.

What is a Forensic Accountant expert witness?

A Forensic Accountant expert are highly experienced auditors and accountants called upon to assist the court in understanding and analysing complex financial data.

They could be used in a variety of criminal investigations and family law matters including but not limited to:

  • Divorces
  • Bankruptcy
  • Fraud
  • Personal injury or insurance claims
  • Money laundering

They will provide specialist knowledge and analysis of past, current and future financials.

Forensic Accountant Expert Witness
Forensic Accountancy

Dedicated Account Managers

With almost 15 years’ experience in the industry, we understand that every case is complex and unique, requiring dedicated attention, which is why we have experienced Account Managers for all of our clients. With a dedicated Account Manager working with you, you’ll have one point of contact who understands your unique case requirements, ensuring excellent service, quality and client care is maintained throughout.

Our knowledgeable Account Managers will be responsible for your cases from instruction to completion, ensuring your needs are met and providing further information on any enquiries you may have.

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With an ever-expanding network of qualified, experienced and renowned experts, Foresight is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive, distinguished expert panels in the industry, delivering quality services across a broad range of disciplines.



Each and every one of our experts is subject to stringent recruitment and quality checks, ensuring validation of qualifications, registrations and indemnity insurance - confirming that all of our experts are trial ready and compliant with regulatory bodies.



As an industry-leading nationwide provider, we’re well-versed in the full breadth of legal cases. No matter the discipline, no matter the deadline, we will always do our utmost to meet your expert witness requirements.