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Dental expert witness

A Forensic Dentistry Expert Witness is imperative to cases where the identification of unnamed humans or their remains is required. Using their specialist expertise, a Forensic Dentistry Expert Witness is able to determine age, race, occupations, previous dental history and socioeconomic status of unidentified human beings. As finding the most suitable expert witness is often a time-consuming task, allow Foresight’s dedicated team to do the hard work for you, enabling you to spend more time on other important matters.

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In cases of attack or abuse, a Forensic Dentistry Expert Witness can be selected from our eminent Expert Panel to assist in the assessment of injury as a result of violence – i.e. bite mark injuries that were either left by the attacker or left on the attacker in an act of defence by the victim, or in cases of dog bite injuries.

When you instruct Foresight to source a Forensic Dentistry Expert Witness, we’ll take care of the whole process. As we have access to a nationwide Expert Panel comprising of over 750 hand-picked experts – all who are renowned within their field – we’ll supply a fully itemised quote and expert CV within 24 hours of your enquiry. Then, we’ll brief the expert for you, monitoring case progression and delivering billable time back to you.

For your complete assurance, every single member of our Expert Panel is subject to a stringent vetting and recruitment process. We hand-select all of our expert witnesses, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards and our clients’ expectations.

What is a forensic dentist expert witness?

A forensic dental expert witness, or sometimes known as Forensic Odontologists, are used to identify the age, race, and dental history of an unidentified human.

Forensic dentists can also assess bite marks to determine an attacker. Forensic dentists are often used to identify a body following a traumatic tissue injury.

Forensic Dentistry Expert Witness
Forensic Dentist

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