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Forensic Science Expert Witness

With nearly 15 years’ experience in supplying the most suitable Forensic Science Expert Witnesses for family, immigration and criminal law, we offer an unrivalled selection of Pharmacologists. All of our experts are thoroughly trained, appropriately qualified and highly experienced, and will use their hands-on knowledge to deliver the vital information needed for your case - vital information only a specialist can deliver. 

An unparalleled selection of Expert Witness Pharmacologists

Although Pharmacologists and Toxicologists are often considered by the Courts as the same profession, they each have their own specialism. For example, a Pharmacologist uses their vast knowledge on drugs to determine what the substance is, how it works, what side effects it has and how the body clears the drug, but a Toxicologist covers poisons, what they are, how they work and how they can be detected.

Pharmacologist Expert Witnesses can be involved in many case types - from drink and drug driving, to crimes such as murder and rape, to clinical negligence. Not only that, Pharmacologists can also provide their expertise for fatal accident inquiries (Scotland) and inquests (England and Wales) to identify the role of any drugs in causing a death, and in family cases where the use of illicit drugs may have been used by the parents or guardians in question.

What is a Forensic Science expert witness?

Forensic sciences expert witnesses apply scientific methods and concepts to analyse evidence within a criminal setting.

There are many different types of forensic scientists including:

  • Pathologists
  • Toxicologists
  • Odontology
  • Geologists
  • Anthropologists

Each have their own specialist area, from alcohol and drugs to the human body. Forensic scientists use their skills to determine and analyse, the details of a crime.

Our eminent Expert Panel is made up of over 750 experts, all who are renowned within their respective field. We hand-pick each and every member of our panel, ensuring all prospective experts are subject to a stringent vetting and recruitment process - making sure they meet and exceed industry standards and our clients’ expectations before they join. 

Dedicated Account Managers

No matter the legal field, all cases are complex and unique, requiring dedicated attention to detail – that’s why we provide experienced Account Managers for every case. With one of our knowledgeable Account Managers working with you, you’ll have one point of contact from instruction to completion and experience a more streamlined process.

It’s our first priority to make sure you have the most suitable expert witness for your case – and once this is achieved, your dedicated Account Manager will continue to ensure your unique requirements are met, as well as make sure service excellence, quality and client care is maintained throughout.

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