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Mobile phone analysis

As almost 8 in 10 adults use a smartphone in today’s society, Mobile Phone Analysis has become a regular component in criminal investigations. With a Mobile Phone Analysis Expert Witness working on your case, you’ll gain valuable information such as sent and received text messages and images, dialled numbers, and video and audio files held on the device.

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A Mobile Phone Analysis Expert Witness from Foresight will provide access to the data and information found on memory cards or hard drives, including text messages, phone history and social media posts – all which can be examined to prove or challenge an alibi. Information found through mobile phone forensics can be used by both the prosecution and defence team, meaning our experts can be used by both parties to accurately analyse and interpret the content presented.

Here at Foresight, we manage the whole process of instructing a Mobile Phone Analysis Expert Witness. Our renowned Expert Panel is made up of over 750 reliable, highly experienced and highly qualified experts, all who were hand-selected by our knowledgeable team.

For your complete assurance, all of our experts have been hand-selected through a stringent vetting process, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards.

What is a Mobile Phone Analysis expert witness?

A Mobile Phone Analyst will assist the court by recovering evidence, processing, and analysing data from mobile devices.

Mobile phones are the most popular accessory in modern life, and many can be used to draw evidence within a criminal or family case. These types of experts can use the internal and external memory in addition to SIM card data to obtain information, even if it has been deleted.

Mobile Phone Analysis Expert Witness
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