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There are many crimes committed that are deemed incomprehensible and unfathomable – and when it comes to these kinds of cases, it’s important to have a Psychiatry Expert Witness working on your side to make sense of it. Psychiatry Expert Witnesses specialise in criminal and family law, determining whether the accused has mental health issues, an anxiety or mood disorder, if substance abuse is involved and has impacted their behaviour, or if they have a form of dementia. Psychiatric reports are an essential component to these kinds of cases – and with access to our expansive panel, Foresight will save you time and money by doing the sourcing for you.

Renowned Psychiatric Expert Witnesses

Through performing psychiatric assessments, the expert will gather highly specialised information and deliver it in a report ready for use in court. From child, adult and elderly to psychosis, anxiety and depression - these are just some of a wide range of psychiatric reports our experts provide to use as evidence in court.

Our eminent Expert Panel comprises of over 750 hand-picked experts who are highly renowned within their field – and as we prioritise the quality and calibre of all of expert witnesses, we ensure each and every one of them is vetted through a stringent recruitment process. We go the extra mile to ensure our Psychiatry Expert Witnesses have demonstrable experience consulting in private and public healthcare services, giving our clients complete confidence in our service.

What is a Psychiatrist expert witness?

A psychiatrist is an expert of the human mind. They analyse the cognitive and behavioural processes and can often establish mental capacity and help the court determine if a subject is fit to plead.

Their expertise can answer questions that can be instrumental in a criminal, family, or immigration case:

  • Have they suffered psychological harm?
  • Do they suffer from a mental illness?
  • How has substance abuse affected behaviour?
Psychiatry Expert Witness
Psychiatrist Expert Report

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With one of our knowledgeable Account Managers working with you, you’ll have one point of contact, ensuring excellent service, quality and client care is maintained throughout the entire process.

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