Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

3 Ways an Expert Witness Can Strengthen Legal Cases

In high-stakes litigation, the testimony of an expert witness is a necessity. As they play such a vital role in addressing key questions and quantifying damages in a variety of different court cases, the process of finding and selecting an expert witness can be challenging. But, when you find the right one, their testimony will become such an important and decisive factor in the courtroom. Here are the top 3 ways an expert can improve the legal case a solicitor presents in court.

1. An Expert Witness Provides Expert Insight

An expert witness is called upon when the facts and issues of the case are not easily understood and require the expertise of someone who specialises in that area. All court cases are complex and sophisticated by nature. Conclusions are not easily attainable and solicitors are not expected to be well-versed in all the relevant concepts. This is where an expert comes in: to provide insight, clarity and reasoned judgement on the facts presented in the case. Expert witnesses can provide fresh, innovative perspectives that help solicitors see the facts in different light. They can also add depth and professionalism to the report solicitors provide in court.

2. Technical Expertise on Specialist Issues

All court cases have their own unique set of requirements. For cases relating to children, child psychologist expert witnesses could be a necessity. For cases involving technological devices as accessories in crimes, an IT forensic expert witness is needed. Based on their experience and expertise, an expert can assess and interpret information that only an expert can. From data to official documentation, expert witnesses are able to evaluate the information in the case and cover a lot of important ground.

3. An Expert Witness Can Quantify Damage

When it comes to cases involving bodily harm, regarding a child or an adult, a medical expert witness is needed to assess the extent of the harm, how the harm was inflicted and who is responsible. Without an expert witness, accurate damage assessments are challenging to bring the judge or jury. Damage assessment is also relevant in financial cases as forensic accounting expert witnesses are required to perform financial analysis and financial forensics to assess the economic damages done or monies earned through criminal activities. Forensic accounting expert witnesses can determine lost profits/ earnings, analyse financial transactions, conduct fraud examinations, assess bankruptcy and interpret a range of financial information to quantify the damage.

Find Your Expert Witness with Foresight

The process of finding the best expert witness for your legal case can be arduous and time-consuming. Leave it up to us and we’ll give you a selection of expert witnesses for you to choose from. Click here to learn more about our expert witness network in Manchester and nationwide.



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