Jun 23, 2021 by Foresight

5 Key Elements an Expert Witness Should Bring To Your Case

Expert witnesses are instrumental in helping to shape the outcomes of family, criminal, and immigration cases. It’s their professional experiences and qualifications that in turn enable them to substantiate evidence in a range of caseloads. The findings of which lend objectivity, credibility, and ultimately, clarity to what might be complex cases. 

For the past 15 years we have built exceptional relationships and worked with eminent experts nationally to ensure that solicitors can access our panel as and when a case requires expert minds. An immediate touchstone for impartial wisdom, our expert witnesses are renowned across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including forensic science, CCTV analysis, child psychology and cell site analysis to name only a few.

Recognising The Most Important Qualities an Expert Witness Should Possess

Below, we address the 5 key elements an expert witness should bring to your case. Epitomized by over 750 experts who comprise our national panel, the following credentials are further underpinned by a wealth of consultative experience, in a variety of sectors. 

1. Expertise

Maybe an obvious one, but expert witnesses bring the combination of many years professional experience coupled with a learned knowledge base of their specialist subject. Our expert witnesses are highly trained, qualified and continue to be at the top of their specialist field and are the most qualified to provide a justified, professional opinion.

2. Impartiality

Expert witnesses provide independent opinions, derived from the evidence they gather and presented in the form of meticulously compiled reports. However, our expert witnesses' approach, collate and subsequently deliver the information sought with overarching impartiality. Their duty and obligation being solely to the courts and legal precedents, rather than expressing loyalties towards the instructing parties.

Independence, objectivity, and an absence of bias remain at the core of an expert witness’ professional remit, whether providing a written or oral report to support your client’s case. An honest opinion is what’s required, with facts, relevance and comprehensive reasoning driving the evidence which is put forward. 

4. Communication

We can't all be experts in every field, so expert witnesses need to be efficient communicators and comfortable deciphering language that may not be commonplace for lawyers, judges and juries. Our experts are schooled in understanding complex data and terminology and summarising findings in concise ways which convey fundamental information in the form of reports.

Reports are written with an intent to inform and explain, in a way which talks to non-experts, therefore omitting specialist jargon, yet maintaining precise details. A skill all of our experts have and one which goes a long way to helping to determine liability in family, criminal, and immigration cases.

4. Time

Utilising the services of an expert witness can save solicitors both the stress and time associated with the compilation of evidence.

For example - Should a client’s physical or psychological health be brought into question, then a solicitor needs to understand the potential ramifications of this, to determine if and how it could influence criminal activity or court proceedings.

Without an expert witness, a solicitor would need to commit a significant amount of their own time researching complex fields of clinical, technical, or scientific expertise, and is unlikely to pinpoint crucial evidence which could be pivotal to a case.

5. Detail-orientation

Detail is everything in litigation terms, irrespective of whether an expert witness is scrutinising a list of clinical records or deciphering complex engineering schematics.

Failure to adopt a proficient and detail-led approach to fact-finding and the examination of information gathered before opinion-forming can adversely affect a family, criminal, or immigration case.

All our expert witnesses are well versed in all the qualities highlighted above, so if you have a case which requires any type of expert witness, get in touch with us today.


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