Dec 5, 2023 by Foresight

Alone In the Home – How Our Expert Witnesses Helped Solve a Christmas Crime

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

That’s what our poor boy was thinking when he was left alone in the home whilst his parents went on holiday. Could the parents be facing child neglect and abandonment charges for their behaviour?

To make things even worse, two robbers allegedly entered the home, committing a number of crimes and leaving with some of the family’s personal possessions. They may have gotten away for now, but what did they leave behind?

By using our database of expert witnesses, the solicitors and the local authority involved can have their questions answered, as well as uncover some unexpected truths.

Our expert witnesses reviewed the case and here’s what they discovered…

The Basement

Forensic Scientist:

There are hair particles on the basement floor, did the burglars injure themselves and leave behind a trace in the process? Or was it simply the family dog who sleeps downstairs?

Just like all our experts, the Forensic Scientists instructed are thoroughly trained and qualified to deliver vital information to the case, and with nearly 15 years of experience under their belt, our expert witness can help determine the origin of the hair particles and where they originate on the body.

The Hallway


Our burglars have left behind some footprints, or have they? With the help of our expert witness Geologist, who specialises in materials found in the earth, we can examine the soil brought in to determine its origins.

Figuring out what belongs to who, will be an easy task, thanks to years of knowledge from our Geologist expert witness!


The Kitchen

Firearms Expert:

There’s a gun and residue on the floor! Could this be from our burglars or did a member of the family happen to have a gun in the house? Firearms expert witnesses can provide their opinion on which firearm may have been used, the trajectory of the bullet or any additional damage caused by the firearm.

But that’s not all, there’s a number of questions the local authority and solicitors have, our firearms expert can also provide information on whether or not the person who used the firearm was trained to do so!


Is It Child Neglect or a Case of Forgetfulness?

Social Worker and Child Psychologist:

Whilst Christmas is supposed to be a happy period for many families, it isn’t for this child.

He was left alone in the home and may have suffered trauma due to the neglect and abandonment by his parents. They may have come home after their family holiday but there’s nothing relaxing about this situation.

By instructing our Social Worker and Child Psychologist to help with the case, they can assess the child, the parents, and the family environment to establish if this was a one-time mishap or repeat behaviour from the parents.



The burglars have been found and the parents have been brought in for questioning, the expert witnesses have used their years of experience and unique skill set to provide their expert opinion, now we wait.

Will the appropriate criminals be charged for their crimes? Were the robbers truly at fault or was there more that was uncovered at the crime scene? These are the questions our expert witnesses can help answer.

But if you don’t want to wait, because let’s be honest, this is a riveting series of events; you can check out our full ‘Alone in The Home’ Christmas Campaign on our socials (link)

And if you’d like to instruct one of our expert witnesses to assist your case visit or call one of our dedicated team members on 0330 088 9000


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