Jan 15, 2024 by Foresight

An interview with Matt Arrowsmith

Join us as we sit down with Matt Arrowsmith, Expert Liaison Officer at Foresight, to hear about his experience within the industry, thoughts on our comprehensive panel of expert witnesses, and how he plans to expand this panel out into an unrivalled selection of Psychologist expert witnesses for family and criminal law cases.


Hi Matthew, could you start off by letting us know how long you’ve been with Foresight now?

I have been with Foresight for just under 2 months.

And what was your prior experience in the industry, what led you to join us?

I have worked within the Handl group from 2016-2018 and then from 2019 to present date. I have worked within Speed Medical and then ACCA. This has allowed me to gain a lot of industry knowledge within civil and family law cases. After 2 ½ years at ACCA, I saw this opportunity at Foresight and was really excited for a new challenge.

Having been a part of the Handl Group for many years now, how would you describe them as an employer? Is it a great place to work?

I have loved working at Handl since I first joined back in 2016. They are a great employer with lots of friendly faces and you really do feel supported in all aspects of your work.

Could you tell us a little more about your role as Expert Liaison Officer. What does a typical working day look like for you?

My typical working day is to liaise with our account managers, assisting them in finding an expert for specific cases. I also contact new experts to see if they are interested in joining the panel at Foresight. I am also on hand for our experts to support them with any queries they may have.

What would you say is your number 1 favourite thing about your job, what are you most passionate about?

I love being able to develop a professional relationship with our experts and this job allows you to build a close relationship with our experts. I also enjoy the range of cases that Foresight assists with, helping our clients in difficult cases.

What do you think it is about Foresight that really set us apart from others in the field?

I believe that the way Foresight works as a company really sets us apart from others in the field. We are a very tight knit company. Our relationship with our clients allow us to provide the best customer service, therefore a lot of our clients will use Foresight on a regular basis. We have a really good relationship with our experts which allows them to be able to feel trusted. By using the best experts, it allows us to deliver high quality reports in what can be difficult circumstances.

Thanks, Matthew. Now that you’re onboarded with Foresight, how are your plans moving towards expanding our existing panel out into a selection of Psychologist expert witnesses into the criminal and family panel?

We are actively recruiting new experts onto our panel in all areas of criminal and family law. We are particularly targeting specifics area in the UK to ensure that Foresight can provide support to any case that requires our assistance.

What do you look for in particular when it comes to new panel members?

We are looking for experts who have high standards in delivering expert witness reports to allow Foresight to continue to provide high quality reports for the Courts. Our experts will need to have undertaken the training required to provide these reports.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced, or predict, when building out this new panel?

Some of the challenges we have faced are ensuring that the specialisms are suitable for the cases we receive at Foresight. Also ensuring that the experts have all compliance in place.

How are you and your team working to overcome these challenges?

We are having individual calls with all of our experts at the start of their onboarding process to ensure that from the start they are aware of what will be needed to join the panel at Foresight.

Excellent, thanks so much, Matthew. And finally, why is expanding this panel out into a Psychologist specialism so important to you and Foresight?

By expanding our panel of psychologists, it will allow us to assist with more cases. We will also have experts who can assist with very specific requirements/areas of specialism to ensure Foresight can continue to assist our clients when they need us.

To find out more about Foresight, or if you would like to talk to our team about instructing one of our experts, please get in touch.


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