Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

Behind The Scenes of an Expert Witness Provider

Another week another variety of expert witness cases for our team to work on. As a full service expert provider, we always aim to meet all of the expert witness requirements of our clients, no matter how obscure their legal case.
Our expert witness service covers all medical disciplines so we get a huge variety to work on each week. No matter the discipline or area of specialism required, we always endeavour to provide a high quality report that will strengthen courtroom cases. Here’s what we got up to last week…

Paediatrician Expert Witness for a Criminal Case

Case: A young person was charged with assault but had been mistreated and neglected.
We provided a child psychologist expert to assess the condition of the adolescent and determine if Section 1 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 had been violated.

IT Forensic Expert Witness For a Criminal Case – Cell Site Analysis

Case: 4 defendants were accused of criminal activity and had to have their phones tracked to determine their whereabouts.
We provided an IT Forensic Expert to perform cell cite analysis on three phones to establish the geographical location of the mobile phone when it was in use, helping to determine if the accused were at the scene of the crime.

Psychiatric Expert Witness for a Criminal Case

Case: Client was on remand and due before court next week. They were charged with attempted robbery, possession of firearm and a bladed article. Our psychiatrist conducted a full mental health assessment and reported back to the instructing party inside of 2 weeks.

Forensic Accountancy Expert Witness for Financial Case

Case: Charged with the fraudulent evasion of duty tax and alleged drug trafficking.
A forensic accountancy expert was needed to assess the financial evidence and make sense of the numbers to help provide a judgement on their culpability.

Child Psychologist Expert Witness

Case: Urgent request – paper based review of an, alleged assault.

Psychiatrist Expert Witness for Criminal Case

Case: An individual was charged with wounding and grievous bodily harm.
We provided a psychiatric expert who assess their fitness to plead, and whether the accused was of sound mind to testify.

Forensic Medical Examiner Expert for Criminal Case

Case: An individual was accused of assault occasioning actual bodily harm which resulted in injuries to the eyes and face.
A Forensic medical expert was brought in to assess the wounds and provide opinion that addressed some of the uncertainties.

Expert Witness Haematologist for a Criminal Defence Matter

Case: A care proceedings case was taking place to determine if the child needed to be kept safe following injuries and bruising.
We provided an expert witness to assess the injuries and determine how they appeared.

Paediatric Radiologist Expert Witness for Criminal Case

Case: Criminal case involving a child.

Expert Witness Toxicologist

Case: An individual was charged with drink driving.
We sourced a toxicologist expert who carried out assessments to identify whether alcohol was in their system when the crime took place.

As you can see, we work on a diverse range of expert witness cases every week. We always meet the deadline and time frame set by the client, so you can be assured of our ability to provide a completed expert report to the deadline you set. Contact one of our team here to learn more.



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