Nov 1, 2021 by Foresight

Benefits of Working on the Foresight Expert Panel.

Since our inception in 2006, we’ve seen tremendous growth here at Foresight and we understand the key role that the relationship with our Expert panel has played in reaching our goals.

We are proud of the long-lasting relationships that we have built and by taking the time to get to know our panel’s unique strengths, skills and expertise we can match them to the most suitable case types.

As our Expert panel has grown so has our dedication, expertise and passion for providing the very best expert witness reports in the UK.

We are proud to be an industry-leading provider, delivering on our vision of bringing the UK’s most comprehensive panel of expert witnesses to criminal, family and immigration law cases.

We are always looking for new, highly qualified, expert witnesses to join our panel, as we want to continue expanding the offering for our customers. We understand that life in any expert field can be busy but there are so many benefits of joining our expert panel…

Supporting our experts through it all.

Our experts deliver vital support and evidence to legal professionals across the country, its only fair that they receive the same level of support from us.

All our experts are assisted by our experienced team of Account Managers and Case Administrators. They will liaise with both the expert and the instructing party to ensure communication is efficient and reliable. Our experts aren’t bombarded with emails, with one of our dedicated team members on the case, all communication is shared through just one Foresight contact. The team will secure all appropriate documentation, chase outstanding information, and are there to support our experts throughout the full case lifecycle.

Our General Manager and Expert Liaison team are always on hand to discuss your requirements allowing Foresight to work as efficiently and effectively with you.

Say goodbye to time consuming administrative tasks

Administrative tasks can be a burden when working life gets busy. Many of our experts continue to thrive in their specialist field day to day, and our team understand that our experts lead busy lives. That’s why they’re there to support the experts and remove any administrative tasks that comes with creating expert witness reports, allowing our experts to focus on what they do best. Our dedicated team will ensure all assessments are booked, court attendances arranged, outstanding and paperwork chased with clear lines of communication.

Getting to know you.

Our experts aren’t just a number we take the time to get to know each and every one when they join us.

There are so many specialist fields that can assist solicitors with their family, criminal or immigration cases. Its our job to know each experts’ unique strengths, their experiences, what qualifications they have, and most importantly what expertise they can provide to a court case. On our expert panel, there is no need for our experts to ‘sell themselves’, we provide full CV’s to the instructing party, to showcase the experts with the most specialist knowledge for that particular case.

Peace of mind for everyone involved.

We build a trusted partnership with all the experts that join our panel, we know our experts work hard to deliver reports within strict timescales and there is there is a lot of important and often intricate work that goes into delivering a report and expert witness testimony. 

We ensure a swift and regular payment processes for our experts to give them a complete peace of mind.

Partnering with Foresight

We have experts spread far and wide across the UK, working within a broad range of disciplines, if you would like to join our expert panel, head to our website to register your interest.


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