Sep 13, 2019 by Foresight

Carbon credit trial collapses as ‘expert’ witness found to be a fraud

At Foresight, we proudly take the time to ensure you have the ideal expert witness for your case. Our stringent recruitment process makes sure your expert witness is qualified, experienced and reliable, delivering the vital evidence you need to support your case.

A recent news story reported the case of Mr. Andrew Ager, an ‘expert’ witness who was found out to be a complete fraud. Mr. Ager was the trusted provider of evidence for a carbon credit trial, investigating the investment opportunities between November 2011 and February 2014.

His false qualifications were brought to light when the defence lawyers for Steven Sully, one of the eight men acquitted of fraud at Southwark Crown Court, questioned Mr Ager about his background. It was then revealed Mr Ager had never read a book on carbon credits but had once watched a documentary about the permits. Mr. Ager had been used in up to 20 fraud prosecutions as an ‘expert’ witness but those prosecutions are now in question.*

How does Foresight verify experts?

Here at Foresight, we understand it’s essential our clients have an expert witness they can trust. Whether you need an expert of cell site analysis, forensic accounting or medical negligence, we govern each and every one of our experts for your complete peace of mind.

Our clients can rest assured that our experts are exactly who they say they are because we thoroughly research our candidates’ qualifications and experience, taking copies of CVs, qualifications, registrations and indemnity insurance.

A line on a piece of paper stating their experience simply isn’t enough, which is why we request all of our experts provide their history of court attendances, ensuring they are as experienced as they claim to be. Not only that, our dedicated team checks the permissions of our experts’ licenses with the relevant regulatory body, so you can rest assured our experts are qualified, verified, experienced, and above all, trusted.

If you’d like to instruct Foresight in sourcing an expert witness for your case, please contact us. 

*Read the complete news story here.


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