Feb 21, 2020 by Foresight

Cell Site Analysis: The impact of technology on crime

Throughout the ages, the way we communicate has changed drastically. Before phones, we sent telegraphs, and before the telegraph, we sent letters. Today, messages to friends, family and even strangers across the world are sent instantly through a device that’s small enough to fit in our pockets.

We’re taking a closer look at how mobile phones and the expertise of a Cell Site Analyst can help legal professionals paint a convincing picture of evidence for their case.

How has crime evolved over time?

Just as constant as communication has been in our society, so has crime. Historically, crimes such as theft would involve violence and intimidation in the streets or a break-in at a victim’s home. As technology has evolved, crime has been by its side also evolving, becoming less violent in some cases and more sophisticated in others.

Now mobile phones are carried by most individuals - creating a demand for more cell sites in more cities and rural areas - it has also become easier to track suspects and identify their location when a crime has been committed.

How is cell site analysis used to track the movement of suspects?

When you use your phone to make a call, send a text or search the internet, it sends a signal to a cell site (a mobile phone mast) and creates a cell data record (CDR). Each and every cell site has its own unique cell ID, meaning the location of the person who made the call and the time they made it can be easily identified. By assessing the time an individual is located near a particular cell site - as well as the speed at which they move to the next - a Cell Site Analysis Expert Witness can determine the way in which a person travelled.

Why choose Foresight to source expert witnesses for your case?

At Foresight, we have been sourcing the most suitable expert witnesses for family, criminal and immigration law for nearly 15 years. In this time, we’ve learned what’s truly important to our clients and what they expect from working with our expert witnesses. Backed by a panel of over 750 highly experienced, highly qualified expert witnesses, we’re proud to say we deliver an unparalleled service.

From analysing call data records and producing call sequence tables, to completing cell site field surveys and providing mapping services for locating cell sites, cell sectors, scenes of crime and pertinent addresses, our Cell Site Analysts will deliver valuable insights to help confirm or disprove alibis.

To learn how Cell Site Analysis can prove to be invaluable in the pursuit of a fair trial and criminal justice, call us today on 0330 088 9000.


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