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Coordinating multiple Expert Witnesses

Sometimes there are cases with complicated requirements that need the expert insight of multiple people. In these situations, being able to coordinate Expert Witness Reports from multiple sources is a key part of providing the evidence needed for a case.

We’ve taken a closer look at how cases with multiple Expert Witnesses work and how multiple reports are coordinated.

When do you need multiple reports?

There are many situations where multiple reports are required. For example, in the case of a murder or other violent crime, the defendant might require psychological and psychiatric reports, while the victim might need forensic or further medical reporting to assess the extent of injuries. In the event of a fatality, a report from a Forensic Pathologist might also be required.

This combination of reports then helps to build insight into the mental state of the defendant, the extent of any injuries suffered, and a potential cause of death.

Sourcing multiple Expert Witnesses

For cases when multiple Expert Witnesses need to be instructed, finding the most suitably qualified and experienced professionals can be a time consuming and expensive task.

Utilising a network of expert witnesses, coordinated by an external Account Manager, not only frees up time for a solicitor to prepare the rest of their case, but also means that a larger pool of experts can be drawn from, helping to find the right people to help strengthen a case with their insight.

This is often a more efficient and cost-effective way of managing Expert Witness reports, especially when coordinating cases that require lots of different specialisms and areas of expertise.

Coordinating multiple Expert Witness reports

When gathering multiple reports for a case, each individual report is provided as a separate element for a single case.

For example, with family cases, you might require reports that focus on specific areas. In the event of a domestic abuse case, you may have one expert providing a report regarding the psychological state of an adult, while another provides specialised psychological reporting focused on a child.

While reports are treated as individual components of a case, some reports can be interlinked and shared between experts for review.

Providing the right Expert Witnesses for your case

When multiple Expert Witnesses are required, it is important that reports are gathered in a quick and convenient way.

With access to a network of over 750 highly qualified Expert Witnesses from a range of different fields, our dedicated Case Handlers can help you source the most qualified experts to assist with your case.

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