Aug 9, 2019 by Foresight

Crime Online: When Technology Facilitates Crime, Who Can Solicitors Turn To?

The rate at which technology is advancing is phenomenal. Across all professional sectors and as much in our personal lives, we marvel at and have come to rely heavily upon technology. Technology is far more accessible too. Mobile phones are no longer devices to send text messages and calls, they are pocket computers. Where we don’t have Wi-Fi there is 3G, 4G and soon to be 5G. In any given moment, billions of people are connected and communicating online. With our increasing dependence on the online world, technology has become increasingly the target and facilitator of criminal activity.

Crime online is often complex and highly specialised. From money laundering to fraud, and cyber-attacks to terrorist networks, solicitors take on vast and varied cases which require expert investigation, often far beyond their understanding of technology. As providers of the most targeted network of UK expert witnesses, we have seen first-hand the rising need for expert witnesses whose expertise lies in online crime. In this article we want to share which expert witnesses can prove invaluable to solicitors with a cyber-crime case and why.

Forensic IT Expert Witness

When criminals exploit the capabilities of technology, understanding where and how it happened requires specialist skills. A forensic IT expert witness can analyse a single or multiple hard drives which have been seized as part of the criminal investigation. In doing so, the forensic IT expert witness may decipher what activity has taken place, whether the stored files can prove criminal activity and whether there have been any attempts to conceal or encrypt a file. By making sense of the data, the forensic IT expert witness can put together a comprehensive report which documents new evidence to support the solicitor’s case.

Forensic Accountant Expert Witness

Money laundering, tax evasion, monetary fraud, even settlements from criminal networks; these are online crimes upon which a forensic accountant expert witness can offer their profound knowledge and experience. Disguising, moving, and misrepresenting money online can be carried out in sophisticated and complex systems that are by their very nature inaccessible to the solicitor. A forensic accountant expert witness is able to investigate these systems and determine when money was taken, where it was transferred to, and to what extent this had happened. With this weighty evidence from the forensic accountant expert witness, the solicitor can develop and give direction to their case.

Cell Site Analysis Expert Witness

Cell site analysis can provide significant evidence to confirm or challenge an accusation of online criminal activity. By accessing cell data recorded by mobile phone masts, a cell site analysis expert witness can determine the geographical location of a roaming device as it connects to the cell site. In conjunction with the existing evidence, it is possible to track where, and by whom, the criminal activity occurred. It can also help to establish whether the crime was committed by an individual acting alone or as part of a larger criminal network. The evidence provided by a cell site analysis expert witness can significantly strengthen the solicitor’s case.

With the growing potential for online criminal activity, Foresight Clinical Services is proud to provide a wealth of UK expert witnesses whose targeted experience and insight can be a crucial component to a solicitor’s case. If you require any of the expert witnesses included in this article, get in touch with our team of dedicated case managers today.


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