Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

Efficient, reliable, knowledgeable… the three words most often used by clients to describe our expert witness service

These are great words to hear from clients. Their feedback illustrates why we work with the same solicitors for many years and over many cases, and why so many new solicitors instruct us each month.

Nice words, yes, but what do they mean in terms of our expert witness service to you?

Efficient Expert Witness Service

We deliver a fast and effective service to solicitors, with our experts filing reports between two to four weeks from formal instruction. Whilst not standard practice we have, on occasion, turned around reports within 24 hours.

We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround for your quote and the CV of a relevant expert. We’re also specialists in providing expert witnesses for solicitors at very short notice; even as they are on the court steps. As Kieran Galvin from Furnival Chambers commented: “Foresight can provide an expert in almost any discipline and at short notice. They are fast, efficient and reliable and the experts are invariably top drawer”.

When we agree timescales with clients we stick to them. This is true for sourcing and instructing experts, managing the assessment and reporting process, dealing with all administration for each report and ensuring that experts are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Reliable Expert Witnesses

Our service is reliable and we’re proud of how many clients comment on this aspect of our expert witness service. We couldn’t have put it better than Adrian Roberts from Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors who said: “Foresight service is prompt and appropriate, they work within budget and the turnaround is always quick. Thoroughly reliable.”

Every one of our experts provide a robust and reliable service that utilises their experience and knowledge, as evidenced by Jenny Lees, a family solicitor with JL Law, who commented: “Foresight are amazing… the experts are excellent and reports provide clear advice and recommendations”.

The relationship we build with our experts is critical in making sure that the service we offer to clients is exceptional. As one of our many consultant clinical forensic psychologists remarked: “I have worked closely with Foresight for the last three years and they are extremely professional, ensuring I am kept informed at all times with a clear and concise referral process. I have total confidence in the support of the team; they make a demanding job less stressful”.

Knowledgeable Expert Witness Team

Our account managers have dealt with hundreds of cases and chances are they’ve come across a case similar to yours – no matter how left-of-field it may seem. We provide experts in disciplines ranging from medical, psychological, psychiatric, forensic IT and accountancy, handwriting, toxicology, veterinary science, general practice, forensic science, firearms, toxicology and more.
If you’re unsure of the type of expert you need we can guide you in choosing the most relevant, experienced and reliable expert for your individual case requirements, and manage the entire process ensuring that your deadlines are met.

Our robust vetting process guarantees that you’ll be dealing with an expert witness whose knowledge is unquestionable. We use only experts with many years of experience in their field, both in practically applying their knowledge and skills to their role and in applying that knowledge and those skills in the assessment of cases and court reporting.

Don’t forget that over the course of a typical year – with two cases per month – using Foresight can save a solicitor at least 100 hours, which equates to an average saving of at least £3,500 of unbillable time and costs. With LAA rates too, Foresight should be your next call when looking to source an expert witness.

Find out more about our highly rated service, or read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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