Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

Five Ways a Psychology Expert Witness can Strengthen a Criminal Defence Case

A Psychology expert witness is frequently used to make considered contributions to criminal defence cases. Building a career from extensive study, research, and clinical experience, they are respected in the court and are often an essential component to understanding the offending individual’s motivations. Their specialised professional opinion and assessment can give insight on certain behaviours in accordance to the defendant’s psychology that a legal professional may not be able to access.

Specialist Information Decongested of Jargon

As a highly qualified professional, a psychology expert has undertaken years of dedicated research alongside clinical experience that enables them to digest important information that is often enveloped in a heap of jargon-littered evidence. They can then relay this information in a succinct and accessible report, prior to, and during court. In doing so you, the judge and jury may fully or better understand key factors that informed the individual’s offending behaviour, thereby strengthening the defence case.

Offer an Acute Understanding of Your Case

Following on from the simplified delivery of specialist information, the role of an expert witness psychologist continues. After frequent consultation and communication, they are able to offer new and significant information that being beyond the knowledge base of the court, would otherwise be missed. Their in depth comprehension of psychology applied to your case will ensure strength and credibility.

In-depth Diagnosis of Behavioural Problems

A missed diagnosis can be enormously detrimental to a case. A forensic psychologist professional is highly experienced to provide a sound and accurate diagnosis of a multitude of psychological issues. By thoroughly assessing the evidence and the individual, a psychology expert witness may identify behavioural problems that without which an ill-informed judge and jury would more likely make a final decision that is damaging to your client.
These diagnoses and assessments include but are not limited to cognitive functioning, ADHD, PTSD, childhood trauma, certificate of capacity, and family/forensic/child psychological assessments.

An Expert in the Field Qualified to Give Opinion

Due to their expertise, psychologists are qualified to give an opinion in court. This opinion incorporates their prior knowledge as a specialised clinician and their extensive research into the case and the individual. Consequently, they enable the court to make an informed judgement.

Saving Time when Time is Money

Solicitors are not often presented with the luxury of time. When an individual’s psychology or mental health is central to a case, taking time to fully understand complex psychological reports is not always possible within the limits of an already pushed working day. Using a psychology expert witness will ensure a comprehensive and detailed report be delivered often within four weeks, allowing you the time to focus on other crucial components in the case. Not only can you have peace of mind, knowing that this essential element is in the hands of an advised professional, but their involvement and insight will add weight to your case.

Finding the right Psychology Expert Witness for You

Psychological reports and testimony can shine substantial light on evidence and motivation, thereby having significant impact on a case’s outcome. For this reason it is important to choose an expert that is suited to your case. At Foresight, we have an unrivalled network of expert witnesses. If you’re unsure as to whether you require a psychologist or psychiatrist, or want further information, contact us for a consultation with one of our case managers.



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