Aug 5, 2019 by Foresight

How Can a Forensic Accounting Expert Witness Report Strengthen a Case?

We all know that money makes the world go around, but it can also get caught up in complex and sometimes criminal scenarios in both a personal and professional capacity. From matrimonial disputes to fraud, and business valuations to professional negligence, where finances need to be questioned in a court case, solicitors will often instruct a forensic accounting expert witness. With the production of a forensic accounting report, a solicitor may significantly strengthen their case. With the experienced case managers at Foresight, we can access our extensive network of UK forensic accounting expert witnesses to match solicitors with those most targeted to their case. This week, we take a closer look at the strength that a forensic accounting expert witness report can offer a given case.

Forensic Accounting Report to Document New Evidence

Undoubtedly, each forensic accounting expert witness within Foresight’s network has gained their title from acquiring a wealth of experience in dedicating their professional pursuits to a particular area of forensic accounting. This experience means that they can approach the existing financial evidence with a fine tooth comb in a way that a solicitor cannot.

Whilst some cases will be relatively amicable and straightforward, others become complicated where money has been intentionally hidden in a complex network, such as in cases of suspected money laundering. Equally, within Family Law, divorce proceedings – often a sensitive and sometimes volatile process – can prove problematic when money is tied up in assets such as art, furniture, property, or business. In analysing and evaluating the evidence, a forensic accounting expert witness may confirm, dismiss or decipher any criminal activity or justly valuate familial assets. This new evidence is written into a forensic accounting report.

Forensic Accounting Report to Give Direction and Validation to a Case

Produced by the forensic accounting expert witness, their report outlines their methods in finding any new evidence alongside their conclusions. Since it is unlikely that the solicitor shares the same profound knowledge and experience as the forensic accounting expert witness, it is particularly useful that the report is written in an accessible manner, without compromising on the crucial details of their involvement. In being able to fully comprehend the report, it can be used directly by the solicitor as a fundamental piece of evidence in their case. It is likely that in containing invaluable new evidence, the forensic accounting report will give significant direction to the case.

Beyond being delivered to the solicitor, the forensic accounting report can be shared with the court. Since it has been written by an independent expert witness, the contents of the report can be taken as objective and factual. This gives validity to the case and therefore strengthens it in the process.

Save Time and Stress by Appointing a Forensic Accounting Expert Witness with Foresight

Within 24 hours of your enquiry, your dedicated case manager will have sent you a focused selection of CVs from the most targeted forensic expert witnesses for your specific case. Rather than doing the vetting process yourself, you can contact us, safe in the knowledge that each of our expert witnesses is certified, court-ready and can promise a fast turnaround on a forensic accounting expert report, without compromising on quality. Get in touch today to learn more.


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