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How can an expert witness psychologist identify causes for behaviour?

In cases where a person’s mental state is an important factor in a case, enlisting an expert witness can help to assess and highlight any potential links between someone’s behaviour and their frame of mind.

We’re taking a closer look at some of the different factors that can affect an individual’s mental state and how an expert witness psychologist can help to identify them.

Assessing mental health

Mental health conditions can vary in their symptoms and severity. A psychologist can help to assess and corroborate a diagnosis of a mental health condition. This involves being able to identify the traits and symptoms that often accompany different conditions.

Depression, anxiety and mood swings, for example, can all attribute to changes in behaviour impacting a person’s ability to complete tasks or act in specific ways.

The difficulty with mental health issues is that they can vary not only in their severity and impact on a person but as everyone thinks and acts differently, a condition can manifest in differing ways from person to person. This is why the skills and experience of an Expert Witness Psychologist can be key in understanding and identifying the issues an individual may be dealing with.

Assessing signs of abuse

Abuse can leave a lasting impression on a person, causing a range of potential issues. Utilising an expert can help to identify the physical and mental signs of abuse which can be used as evidence in a case.

This could be focused on specific areas, such as domestic or sexual abuse, or even looking at people dealing with substance abuse. The effects will vary and this assessment can often require a delicate and considered approach due to the nature of the cases they relate to.

Identifying abuse requires a sensitive approach which is why enlisting an expert is key. Utilising their experience allows them to identify any signs of abuse which can be used within a case with sensitivity.

Assessing trauma

Witnessing or being directly involved in a traumatic event can have a huge impact on someone.

Trauma could stem from witnessing an incident or it could be a long-term issue caused by being involved in an accident, or the impact an injury has had on someone. The reaction to traumatic events can manifest in different ways and be potentially life-altering. This can include a range of symptoms from mental health problems to behavioural issues or addiction.

Similarly to dealing with abuse, approaching symptoms stemming from traumatic incidents needs to be done sensitively and tactfully. Utilising an appropriate expert can help to gather the information needed for an expert report without causing any undue stress to the person dealing with a traumatic experience. This could range from identifying trauma as a cause of a change in behaviour to producing a report detailing the life-altering impact a traumatic experience has had on a person.

Helping you find the most suitable Psychologist Expert Witness

Sourcing the most appropriately qualified expert witness can massively impact your case. At Foresight, we have access to a huge and varied network of expert witnesses based all across the country, including a number of highly qualified Expert Witness Psychologists.

Our experts are able to carry out detailed psychometric testing and analysis to help produce detailed, high-quality reports which can be used in court while approaching difficult topics in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

With access to over 750 hand-picked experts, our team of dedicated Case Handlers will help you to quickly and conveniently source the most qualified expert to assist with your case.

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