Oct 30, 2019 by Foresight

How can an IT Forensic Witness benefit a case?

When technology is involved in criminal acts, the assumption is often that this involves highly sophisticated hacking, fraud and theft. The analysis of data and technology can play a huge role in many cases, from identifying if a computer has been used as part of a fraud or uncovering communications between people which might serve as evidence.

In order to gain a unique insight into how a piece of technology was utilised, and if it was part of criminal activity, it’s often necessary to enlist a specialist to assess the situation and provide a detailed report as an Expert Witness.

We’re taking a closer look at the world of Forensic IT, and how instructing an IT Forensic Expert Witness can benefit your case.

What does an IT Forensic Expert Witness do?

Forensic IT Expert Witnesses focus on the technology utilised in criminal activity, examining how an electronic device was used, when it was used, and who used it.

The expert implements a number of techniques to analyse a piece of technology depending on the situation. These include uncovering previously deleted data for use as evidence, and identifying where data has been misused or accessed on a device.

As this is such a highly specialised area, enlisting an IT Forensic Expert Witness can be invaluable. The insight and experience they provide can be vital to completing an investigation not only quickly, but without generating high additional costs.

What cases does an IT Forensic Expert Witness help with?

Any crime that involves misusing technology could utilise the expertise of an IT Forensic Expert Witness. These can vary in scale, from uncovering evidence of abuse and drug offences to identifying the source of leaked information or hacking.

Recent news reports have revealed a scandal surrounding famous footballer’s wife, Colleen Rooney. These reports show Rooney publicly revealing who she believed to have identified as the source of information leaks about her. Particular attention has been paid to the steps used to identify which of her social media followers had allegedly been leaking information to the tabloid press.

While this is an interesting starting point, those suspicions and accusations would need to be verified and confirmed. An Expert Witness would be able to determine the source of the suspected leaks by analysing different devices, such as phones or computers.

This could either be done to confirm that the viral hashtag #WagathaChristie was correct and had verified the suspected source of the leaks, or it could potentially reveal that someone else was involved or to blame. An IT Forensic Expert Witness report would explain what their analysis had uncovered and could be used as evidence within the case.

Helping you to find the most suitable expert witnesses

IT Forensic Expert Witnesses need to be at the top of their field, and able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to not only understand IT-related evidence, but also create accurate and effective reports to use in a case.

At Foresight, we understand that enlisting the right expert witness is crucial to your case. With access to a network of over 750 expert witnesses, we streamline this process. We take the time to look at your case, the specific needs associated with it and help you to source the most effective IT Forensic Expert Witness.

Once instructed, we’ll also assign a dedicated Account Manager to your case, who will be your sole point of contact throughout, ready to answer any questions you may have. Please enquire today for further information.


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