Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

How much money does Foresight save a solicitor? How about at least £3,500 each year!

You’ve read the case and you know that an expert witness is needed, so where do you begin?

Searching for, identifying, instructing and managing an expert witness and report can be a time consuming process for a solicitor. Without an accredited network of expert witnesses, the first hurdle can often be finding appropriately qualified and experienced witnesses from which to choose. A quick trawl of the internet can reveal hundreds of possible experts and it’s the job of a solicitor or a para legal to sift through information to find an initial shortlist of experts.

A shortlist has been drawn up and now time is needed to speak with each expert to discover if they are indeed the right sort of expert for your case. If this applies to a few experts per case, then the time required for this part of the process can be considerable. Once an appropriate expert has been identified, a solicitor or para legal will need to arrange visits between the expert witness and defendant or defendants. More time on the phone and answering emails.

After visits, expert witnesses will compile a report and a solicitor or para legal will need to go through the report to check for accuracy – adding more time to each case.
Let’s say that an average solicitor requires one expert witness every two weeks. Finding, instructing and managing the report of a single expert witness may take around four hours but multiply that over a full year and the time jumps to more than 100 hours. That’s at least 100 hours of unbillable time for a solicitor.

Over the course of a typical year – with two cases per month – using Foresight can save a solicitor at least 100 hours, which equates to an average saving of at least £3,500 of unbillable time and costs. Instructing Foresight is quick and painless. With a UK wide network of expert witnesses at its fingertips, Foresight can provide the CVs of appropriate witnesses in a short time frame and manage the entire process.

When you can see the figures in black and white it’s definitely food for thought, and a valid reason for choosing Foresight to take away the time and cost required in searching for and instructing an expert witness. We have some great testimonials from solicitors who use our service and you can read more here.
Our experts are accredited and our reports are clean, concise and accurate so consider Foresight for your expert witness requirements. Call our team on 0330 088 9000 or email us.


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