Jan 21, 2020 by Foresight

How to become a CCTV Analysis Expert Witness for Foresight

In today’s society, there aren’t many places a person can go without being caught on CCTV. Whether it’s a trip to the supermarket, pub, or simply walking down the street, there is usually a camera on every corner.

With this rise in technology and the demand for surveillance, CCTV cameras have become routinely available and are a fantastic source of evidence for a variety of case types. We’re taking a closer look at CCTV analysis, why it’s important and how you can join our leading Expert Panel as a CCTV Analysis Expert Witness.

Why is CCTV Analysis important?

‘The camera cannot lie’ is a widely known phrase, however, the way video and images are captured can have a drastic impact on how people interpret what they see. Sometimes, this can lead to incorrect conclusions. This is why CCTV analysis is vital in criminal cases when footage and images are submitted as evidence. Camera makes and models vary just as much as file formats, requiring an expert witness to interpret and make sense of the video.

Foresight’s Expert Panel

At Foresight, we’re proud to boast a panel of over 500 expert witnesses - including Forensic CCTV Analysis Expert Witnesses. Utilising a range of sophisticated techniques, our experts provide everything from facial mapping and image enhancement, to highlighting areas of interest and tracking individuals from one camera to another - as well as formatting the images to ensure they are suitable for use in court.

Interested in joining our Expert Panel?

If you’re looking for the opportunity to join a leading panel of expert witnesses, as well as work on a broad range of legal cases spanning family, criminal and immigration law - we want to hear from you.

As a leading agency, we have a stringent recruitment process and only hire highly experienced, professional and qualified expert witnesses - if that’s you, contact us today. Or send your CV to

For further insight into what it’s like to be one of our experts, read our interview with our Forensic IT Expert Witness, Simon Nash.


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