Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

How to Find the Best Expert Witness for Your Case

The best expert witness testimony is often critical to your defence case. The right expert will add convincing new insights to your case and help the court understand evidence related to their field. An expert who doesn’t have the right expertise will be unable to add any weight to your case and may actually work to your detriment.
As expert witness providers, we help solicitors build a convincing defence case by arranging reports from the most appropriate experts for their individual case needs. In this blog, we’d like to share with you our top tips on finding the best expert witness for your criminal defence case.

Think Carefully About Which Expert You Need

It can be difficult to work out which type of expert will be most relevant to your case. Many legal professionals begin searching for an expert in one medical discipline when an expert in a different specialism will be able to present more relevant evidence. Which expert witness is right for your case will depend on the individual circumstances of the case, and we can help you choose the most appropriate expert through the extensive experience of our nationwide expert network.

Check Their Qualifications and Expertise

The best expert witness for your case will be the one whose qualifications and expertise align best with your requirements. Therefore, it is always necessary to thoroughly investigate and verify the qualifications and experience of an expert. An expert who does not have specific, specialist knowledge pertaining to your case will be unable to add any value to your defence case, and any gaps in their knowledge could be exposed in cross-examination in court. Thoroughly investigating their background ahead of instructing an expert will ensure the evidence they provide is convincing in court.

Avoid Making Rushed Decisions

The court date is fast approaching and you need to arrange an expert witness report quickly. It can be tempting in these situations to instruct the first expert who is able to compile a report within a tight timescale and attend court on the required date. Although you might not have much time to find an alternative expert, it is absolutely essential that you thoroughly consider their credentials before instructing them. Investigating their background could reveal something which would cast doubt on their credibility, and it is better to identify these issues before your expert takes to the witness box.

Start the Process Early

It is beneficial for you, your case and your expert if you prepare as far in advance as possible. Although many experts will be able to compile reports at short notice, contacting experts as soon as possible gives you plenty of time to assess their expertise and instruct the best expert witness for your case. Instructing an expert well in advance means that they will have plenty of time to compile a convincing report and prepare for a court appearance.

Struggling with How to Find the Best Expert Witness?

Sourcing the right expert can be a very time consuming process. Our expert witness service is here to save you time searching for the best expert witnesses and arranging expert reports. We call on the experience of our nationwide expert network to provide the most appropriate response to your expert enquiry. Just one call or email to our team and we will provide you with the most relevant expert CVs for your individual case needs and manage the entire process from briefing the expert through to report submission. Get in touch for help finding the best expert witnesses for your case.



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