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How to Find the Best Psychiatrist Expert Witness for Your Case

As providers of the most targeted network of UK expert witnesses, we are frequently contacted by solicitors looking to appoint a psychiatrist expert witness for their case. It is unsurprising when the instruction of a psychiatric expert witness can uncover significant evidence which can not only give great weight and direction to the solicitor’s case, but can ultimately inform the final decision in court. This is due to the profound knowledge and clinical expertise of a psychiatrist expert witness. As a qualified medical doctor each psychiatrist expert witness has dedicated their professional pursuits to the specialism of psychiatry. In doing so they can practice in the diagnosis of mental illnesses, understand how they manifest in their patients, and decide the best course of medical treatment.

In many cases, a psychiatrist expert witness can make the difference between fair trial and the miscarriage of justice so it is crucial that you are able to find the best suited for your case. It is a task which can be stressful and time-consuming for a solicitor; here we share how to find the most suited psychiatry expert witness without losing sleep in the process.

Decide Which Psychiatry Specialism You Require

The discipline of psychiatry incorporates wide-ranging specialisms since it is such a complex field of medicine. Appointing a psychiatrist expert witness with recent clinical experience in the same area as your case is imperative. Not only will they have the necessary knowledge to give a thorough evaluation of the existing evidence, but can also accurately assess and diagnose the individual involved in the case. In addition to that, should it be required, the psychiatrist expert witness will be allowed to give their expert opinion in court which will only be recognised and respected by the court when their expertise is directly related to the individual involved in the case. For example, a child psychiatrist expert witness will be acutely experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of children and within the same specialism, some psychiatrists will be specialised in young children, whilst others may have focused on adolescent patients.

Verify the Qualifications and Recent Work of the Psychiatrist Expert Witness

Having decided upon the specialism of your psychiatrist expert witness, you can begin your search. Done independently, this will often involve reading through many CVs. It is important that you thoroughly check the qualifications of the psychiatry expert witness, their references, and their recent research. Should each area fit your requirements, the psychiatry expert witness is far more able to substantially strengthen your case. You may also want to ask for examples of their previous experience in the role of psychiatry expert witness. If necessary, you should also ensure that they are able to attend court on your specified dates.

Begin Your Psychiatrist Expert Witness Search as Early as Possible

Of course, in an ideal world you would do this each time. Not only will it relieve some of the pressure throughout the legal proceedings, since the psychiatrist expert witness will have more time to complete their in-depth assessments, they can also produce their psychiatric report more quickly, the contents of which can inform how the solicitor compiles and delivers their case.

A Psychiatrist Expert Witness with Foresight Clinical Services

You can forget about ploughing through piles of CVs. When you get in touch with one of Foresight’s dedicated case managers, we will supply you with the CVs of only the most relevant and reputable psychiatrist expert witnesses for you case. All of our expert witnesses are ‘court-ready’ meaning they are able to work with you immediately and can ensure, no matter your deadline, that you receive a comprehensive and accessible psychiatry report when you need it.

If you are looking to arrange a psychiatrist expert witness without the added pressure and stresses, contact us today.



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