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How will a Forensic Medical Expert Witness help your case?

The primary role of a Forensic Medical Expert Witness is to provide an educated, impartial opinion on the clinical issues involved in a legal case. Forensic Medical Expert Witnesses will come from a variety of medical backgrounds - from Neurologists to Paediatricians and everything in between. Once instructed, the expert will use their specialist qualifications and years of experience in their respective field to provide their informed opinion on your case.

As Forensic Medicine covers such a broad range of disciplines, we’re taking a closer look at exactly what they can do and how their expertise could benefit your case.

What does a Forensic Medical Expert Witness do?

Forensic Medicine is primarily concerned with assessing injuries of assault, sexual assault and child abuse. When a case features an ambiguous injury, a Forensic Medical Expert Witness will use their exceptional knowledge of practical medicine to assess whether a victim was beaten with an object, kicked or punched. With this information, the nature of the crime can be better understood.

Forensic Medical Expert Witnesses will use their expertise in medicine to evaluate the validity of police reports and evidence. If necessary, they will conduct their own examinations and assessments to draw their own independent conclusion. Before finalising their report, a Medical Expert Witness will ensure all statements presented are legitimate and verifiable. Not only that, all judgements made in their reports will be as objective as possible and supported by clinical evidence.

Famous Medical Expert Witness Cases

In 2013, the famous model Reeva Steenkamp died after being shot by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius. A Forensic Pathologist Expert Witness called Gert Saayman was responsible for the post-mortem examination of Steenkamp and provided a pathologist report to the court on behalf of the prosecution.

Based on the fragments Saayman found in Steenkamps skull, Saayman’s report found that Pistorius had used an expanding bullet designed to cause maximum damage when he fired into a locked bathroom, where Steenkamp was inside. Although Pistorius was not found guilty of murder, Saayman’s report and testimony contributed to a conviction of culpable homicide - “the unlawful, negligent killing of a human being.”

Sourcing the right Medical Expert for your case

Our Forensic Medical Expert Witnesses come from a variety of medical backgrounds, ensuring we always have the most suitable expert for your case. With a network spanning across the country, our experts will deliver reports promptly, within deadline and according to your case’s unique requirements. You can rely on our dedicated Account Managers to work in partnership with you, ensuring we source the most suitable expert for your case while maintaining a clear line of communication throughout.

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