Jul 5, 2019 by Foresight

Investigation Services for Criminal Defence Cases

A thorough investigation undertaken by highly experienced detectives can uncover valuable evidence that could change the result of a criminal trial or overturn a conviction.

At Foresight, we have a network of former senior detectives and chief police officers available to conduct investigations of criminal defence cases. We offer:

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Network of senior detectives with 20+ years experience
  • Thorough, comprehensive investigations

Experienced Detectives for Criminal Investigations

When police services are stretched or officers do not follow correct protocol, important evidence can be missed in the initial investigation of a crime. Our experienced detectives can provide a unique insight on evidence pertaining to a case and identify any significant new evidence and areas for further investigation. Upon completion of the investigation, the detective will present their findings in a comprehensive report and if appropriate, act as a witness in court.

Our investigation services involve:

  • Reviewing client cases, whether current or historic, and providing a bespoke investigation strategy
  • Reviewing witness testimony, crime scenes, CCTV evidence, and gathering further evidence to identify new lines of enquiry
  • A full review of unused material that may undermine the prosecution case and assist the defence.
  • Re-interviewing clients, their families and witnesses, providing written advice on new lines of investigation
  • Attending police/prison interviews
  • Reviewing material prior to court and providing written reports of vulnerability of the prosecution case
  • Human and technical surveillance
  • Handling of covert intelligence sources, including whistle-blowers
  • Forensic recovery of exhibits, documents & material
  • Providing evidence at the High Court, Crown Courts & tribunals

Contact Us for Thorough Investigations of Criminal Cases

Our detectives have the skills and resources to uncover new evidence which could change the result of a criminal trial or overturn a conviction. Get in touch if you require an experienced investigator for a criminal defence case.

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