Apr 25, 2022 by Foresight

Meet Forensic Accountant Barry Minnery

"I am Barry Minnery and I am a forensic accountant on Foresight’s expert panel. As a forensic accountant I work to help the court understand what are often complex financial issues and to reach an informed decision.

Typical assignments involve assessing the losses a person has suffered as a result of an accident or negligence or tracing the flow of money through a variety of accounts where fraud or money-laundering is suspected. I have also been involved in family court cases in valuing assets such as the shares in a business, in a divorce or the true earnings of an absent parent for child maintenance.

A forensic accountant needs a rare combination of technical expertise, business acumen and the ability to explain the complex in an understandable way, which my experience and qualifications give me and after working full time in the industry, I set up my own practice.

I have worked with Foresight for three years and have found the work rewarding in its variety and challenging. The Foresight staff are very professional and supportive and have acted as a referee in my successful application to the Academy of Experts.

I can recommend membership of the Foresight panel to any expert looking to develop their practice."


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