Aug 11, 2022 by Foresight

Meet Our Account Managers - Katie A

We sat down with Katie, one of our dedicated account managers here at Foresight. She tells us about her working within the family team, her relationships with her customers and working with the experts…

Hi Katie, can you tell us a little about how your career at Foresight begin?

I became as account manager at Foresight very much by chance, I had no idea about the industry prior to joining the team. March 2018 But I now work within the family team, working with family lawyers, solicitors, local authorities and all our family expert witnesses.

So, what was your job prior to working at Foresight?  

I worked within Customer Services in a variation of sectors including Utilities and the Banking Sector, while managing others this gave me skills that help me in my role as an account manager and this allows me to have strong skills to liaise with solicitors and experts.

How has your legal knowledge increased over the years?

Over the many years working with Foresight I have expanded my knowledge exponentially. Many of the team come to me for help and advice, and I’m always happy to pass on my wisdom wherever I can. Other team members come to me for help finding experts within the family sector as I deal with more than others, I can pass on my knowledge and point them in the correct direction.

What are your main responsibilities as an account manager?

Our main priorities is our customers! To ensure we are offering great service when dealing with enquiries all the way through to completion. To ensure if any issues arise with their case, the expert, payment or anything, is dealt with efficiently and professionally.

Can you tell us a bit more about your customers and about your longest standing customer?

As I work within the family side of the business, I work with lots of local authorities, I believe my longest standing customer is Stoke Council, I have been dealing with them since I first started.

So how do you keep and nurture customer relations like the one you have with Stoke council?

I always make sure I keep in regular contact with my clients to ensure they always know the progress of the expert reports and to ensure they have access to our services as and when they need it. And of course, the most important this is offering very good customer service.

How many different customers do you work with at any given time?

I can work with anything from 5 to 20 different companies in one day.

So we’ve heard about customers but how closely do you work with the experts on the panel?

I work very closely with all the experts. I have built a very strong bond with a majority of them and I always look forward to working with them on a case.

Katie, can you tell me why you enjoy working with Foresight?

It’s a really great feeling knowing that we are a small part of helping those in need.


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