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Meet Our Account Managers - Olivia

We sat down with Olivia, one of our dedicated account managers here at Foresight. She tells us about her experience within customer relations, her strong bond with customers and what she loves most about working at Foresight.

Hi Olivia, so tell me what was you doing before you joined Foresight?

I used to work for a company which administered phone insurance across various providers, I worked in customer service, and later Customer Relations, dealing with and resolving customer complaints.

And how did your career at Foresight begin?

I joined Foresight as an Administrator, working closely with Katie Reader who is another of our Account Manager. After two years of getting to grips with the business, managing cases and learning about this industry I moved on to becoming an Account Manager.

It was always my aim to become an account manager and since then, my role has developed to becoming an Account Manager who deals exclusively with new business. This means that I support any new customers that enquire with us about expert witness services, and I help them through the whole process.

So, what experience did you have that supports your role at Foresight?

Before working at Foresight, I didn’t have any experience working within the Legal industry. I have always had a keen interest in criminal law, so the role definitely interested me.

However, my history in customer relations roles has provided me with the key skills to assist customers in a friendly, professional, and efficient manner.

What is a typical day like for you as an account manager?

A typical day for me includes, dealing with any new enquiries, discussing cases with experts, and providing quotes. We also keep in constant communication with our clients, to keep them up to date with the progress of their reports or case, and to ensure they are aware of all the experts we have available for them. But honestly the great thing about this role is, every day is different!

What are your main priorities and responsibilities as an account manager?

Our main priority is to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible service, from when we are first approached to assist with a case, to overseeing that the case is running smoothly by working closely with our administrators. To me great service stems from great customer relations.

Seems like customer relations is a huge part of your role. How do you ensure you maintain strong relationships with your clients?

I think it’s always important to make sure you are injecting your personality into whatever you are doing. No-one is busier than criminal and family lawyers, but sometimes being able to discuss a case on the phone, with a friendly voice, can offer even the lightest reprieve on a busy day. I find this personable approach encourages my clients to want to work with me again and again.

How many different customers do you work with at any given time?

We have a wide base of customers, who's needs vary greatly. Some firms are able to send multiple cases a week, whereas some smaller firms with only require an expert witness every few months. I have around 1000 customers which include Local Authorities, Solicitor Firms and CPS offices.

So, you work very closely with your customers, but how closely do you work with the experts on the Foresight panel?

We have great relationship with our experts, some of whom we have worked with for many years. There have been so many occasions in which we have received a last-minute request and our experts have stepped up to the plate and saved the day.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I think my favourite part of the job is the cases. I have always been fascinated by criminal law, and so being able to be so involved with cases which vary so greatly is a very exciting prospect to me.

The legal sector is regularly changing. how do you keep up to date with these changes and general rules and regulations within your industry?

I like to keep up to date with what goes on within the industry I think it can really help gain understanding of our customers and their needs. I mainly keep up to date through articles on LinkedIn and from updates from my connections.


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