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Mental Health Tribunal Experts

Save time searching for the best psychiatrists for mental health tribunals and parole board assessments. Contact Foresight and we will match your case to a selection of relevant experts within 24 hours. Foresight offers:

  • An extensive network of psychiatrists around the UK
  • Quick turnaround of reports
  • Easy and convenient sourcing of experts
  • Cost and time savings to legal professionals

Independent reviews

Mental health review tribunals are independent judicial bodies that operate under the provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Health Review Tribunal Rules 1983. A tribunal’s main purpose is to review the case of patients detained under the Mental Health Act and to direct the discharge of patients that satisfy the statutory criteria for discharge.

Balanced judgement

Tribunals may also discharge patients not meeting the statutory criteria by making a balanced judgement regarding a number of serious issues such as the freedom of the individual, the protection of the public and the best interests of the patient.

Expert opinion

We provide psychiatric expert witnesses to assess and report on cases that require independent expert opinion within the mental health tribunal system. Our psychiatrists can provide a mental health tribunal report back in as little as two weeks from instruction and are available to attend tribunals and give evidence.

Parole board assessments

Foresight's psychiatric experts are also able to provide parole board assessments and regularly do so throughout the UK prison system. Due to the depth of expert provision Foresight provides, psychiatrists are available nationwide and at short notice.

Free resource download

High numbers of people with mental health conditions or learning disabilities come into contact with the criminal justice system as perpetrators and victims. It can be difficult to recognise when someone has a mental health condition or learning disability. This resource has been produced primarily for magistrates. It is also useful for district judges, legal advisers and ushers. It provides information about some of the common characteristics of mental health conditions and learning disabilities, and highlights how members of the judiciary and court staff might deal with adult defendants with these conditions. 

Save time searching for the best expert witnesses

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