Dec 14, 2021 by Foresight

Post-Lockdown Nightlife sees Huge Surge in Drink Spiking Cases

After two years of limited social interaction, the world is beginning to open up again and life is starting to resemble something that feels almost normal. Restaurants, bars, cinemas, hotels, spas and shops are coming back to life and our social distancing days seem to be a thing of the past.

Sadly though, it’s not all good news. Since bars and nightclubs reopened, there’s been an alarming number of reported cases of ‘spiking’ happening, mostly to young women.

During lockdown, domestic violence increased by more than 30% in the UK. In recent months we’ve seen many high-profile cases involving violence against women make headlines, with the death of Sarah Everard sparking a global conversation about misogyny.

The latest surge in spiking cases is yet another example of how women can so easily become a victim of abuse when simply leaving their house.


What does ‘spiking’ mean?

Spiking is a term used when an individual consumes something without their knowledge that alters their mental and/or physical state.

The most common way for someone to be spiked is via a drink, however the latest data in the UK shows that a number of people reported being spiked by some Typically, spiking happens to women.

Over 200 spiking cases were reported in September and October 2021, leading to a campaign across 60 universities calling for women to boycott nightclubs on October 27th to highlight the issue and ensure venues are doing more to tackle the problem.

Of course, the actual number of cases may be much higher than 200 if we consider those that were not reported. In a recent survey, 40% of women stated they didn’t think authorities would take them seriously if they reported being spiked, so it’s likely that many more people have suffered in silence.


Why the surge in spiking?

Sadly, drink spiking is not new. It has been around for a long time and may have happened to someone you know. A survey carried out by YouGov revealed that one in nine women have had their drink spiked at some point. And it now appears there is a new and equally frightening form of spiking known as ‘needle spiking’ whereby a victim is drugged via a needle, usually in a crowded place.

For over a year, bars, pubs, and clubs had to close their doors, and of course in that time there was little to no spiking occurring. Now that we are back in the full social swing, opportunists are taking advantage of big crowds and busy clubs, and it’s alarming how many people are paying the price for going on a night out with their friends.


How can Foresight help?

Foresight offers the most comprehensive panel of eminent expert witnesses in family and criminal law cases. An expert witness is an individual who’s called on for their qualifications, knowledge, and expertise to give their opinion on a legal case. Selecting the correct expert witness can have a huge impact on the success of your case.

Our expert witnesses are experienced, accredited professionals and include toxicologists whose expertise would be crucial in a spiking case.


What is a toxicologist and how can they help my case?

Among other things, toxicologists investigate poisons, what they are, how they work, affects they have on the body, and how they can be detected.

A Foresight toxicologist will gather all the information they need based on the evidence they’ve collect and produce a thorough report of their findings.

Each toxicologist at Foresight has specific knowledge of certain areas of the field, and we will select the ideal expert based on your case. Your toxicologist will be court-ready and available when you need them.


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