Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

Psychiatric expert witness reports – what do we cover?

Last month we wrote about our psychological expert witness service and the broad spectrum within the discipline. This month we focus on psychiatry and the psychiatric expert witness reports that we provide: What is it? How does it differ from psychology? What type ofassessments and reports do our experts undertake within the field of psychiatry?

What’s the difference between psychiatry and psychology?

Psychiatry is the study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance and abnormal behaviour. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context.

Forensic psychiatry is a specialism within psychiatry and is firmly wedded to criminology and law. Most forensic psychiatrists either work to determine fitness to stand or fitness to plead or work with prisoners to provide treatment and medicine.

Although the differences may seem nuanced to the untrained eye, instructing a psychologist or psychiatrist to complete an assessment or expert witness report depends upon the specific needs of each solicitor and their clients. The difference between the two is easily confused and we pride ourselves on giving great advice to solicitors about which of the two disciplines and experts would be best for their case.

Founded on psychiatric expert witness reports

When we launched a decade ago our psychiatric expert witness network was the first service we offered. Our network of psychiatric expert witnesses has expanded over the years due in no small part to our unique peer recommended service, and all of our experts are vetted and have a wealth of experience of consulting in public and private healthcare services.

Psychiatry vs. forensic psychiatry expert witness reports – what do we cover?

Both our psychiatry and forensic psychiatry expert witnesses provide solicitors, barristers and private clients with a range of assessments and court reports:

  • Adult psychiatric reports
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Capacity to Instruct
  • Certificate of capacity
  • Child/adolescent psychiatric reports
  • Elderly psychiatric report
  • Forensic psychiatry expert witness reports
  • Impact of mental health upon parenting
  • Mental health tribunals
  • Personality disorders
  • Post-natal depression and puerperal psychosis
  • Psychosis including schizophrenia
  • PTSD
  • Second opinion report

Experts are also required to produce detailed, accurate, robust and credible reports that will stand the test of a court room setting. It’s here that our account team really comes into its own, managing the entire process and making sure that the most appropriate expert is proposed and that that client reports are filed on time and on budget. We are more than a database of experts: our team is experienced in matching client needs with the right expert witness, managing the process from initial conversation to delivered reports. Our peer introduced network has grown organically over the last ten years, bringing the very best experts to our clients.

Our psychiatric expert witnesses are available in areas across the UK and can attend home, solicitor or prison visits. Call Foresight on 0330 088 9000 to discuss your psychiatric expert witness report requirements or email our account managers.


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