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Save Time Searching for the Best CCTV Analysis Experts

Contact Foresight and we will match your case to a selection of relevant experts within 24 hours. Foresight offers:

  • An extensive network of CCTV analysis experts around the UK
  • Quick turnaround of reports
  • Easy and convenient sourcing of experts
  • Cost and time savings to legal professionals

Forensic CCTV Analysis to Identify Suspects

Most business premises and many public spaces have CCTV cameras installed to record video data. CCTV recordings can provide a convincing piece of evidence, and the police and prosecution services often use such images as evidence to secure a prosecution. Our CCTV experts are skilled video analysts who are adept at examining the pictorial evidence and using facial mapping techniques to determine who the individual is in the CCTV footage, helping legal teams make sense of complex evidence.


CCTV Evidence Services Available:

  • CCTV Enhancement to improve quality of images and audio
  • Highlighting areas of interest on CCTV footage
  • Comparison of CCTV images to other images of faces, clothing, vehicles and weapons
  • Tracking individuals from one camera to another
  • Height calculation and comparison
  • Presenting footage as video stills, a DVD, a report or a combination of formats
  • CCTV Enhancement to Improve Image Quality
  • CCTV evidence is often pivotal in securing a prosecution or proving someone’s innocence. CCTV recordings alone are rarely of high enough quality to accurately determine the identity of an individual, so a CCTV analysis expert is required to enhance images and convert them into a format suitable for use in court. Enhanced CCTV images provide a much clearer view of a scene, which can help to identify a suspect or an individual who may have information.

Contact us for a Selection of the Best CCTV Analysis Expert Witnesses

At Foresight, we manage the whole process of instructing a CCTV analysis expert. After contacting us, we will supply a fully itemised quote and a selection of expert CVs within 24 hours. Our experienced case managers will brief the expert, monitor case progress and ensure expert reports are received on time and to budget.

Save time searching for the best expert witnesses

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