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Cell Site Analysis Determines the Location of a Mobile Phone

Cell site analysis is process by which the geographical location of a mobile phone or data device is approximated. Cell sites store data records of the time and date a call or SMS is made or received, and this data can be analysed either live or historically to prove whether an individual was at the scene of the crime at a time of interest. Our experts provide independent and professional services of cell site surveys, cell mapping, call sequencing, detailed reports and expert opinion. These services are for evidential purposes and can be supported by the expert in court if required.

Cell Site Analysis provides:

  • Advice on specific data to be requested from telephone networks
  • Call data records analysis
  • Call sequence tables production
  • Cell site analysis/cell site field surveys
  • Coverage maps/field strength surveys
  • Provision of mapping services to locate cell sites, cell sectors, scenes of crime and pertinent addresses, available as hard copy A3 colour maps or as PowerPoint presentation
  • Cell Phone Analysis provides:
  • Text / SMS messages both sent and received
  • Dialled numbers
  • Incoming voice calls
  • Outgoing voice calls
  • Images sent, received and taken upon camera equipped phones
  • Images sent and received from camera equipped phones
  • Contact names and phone numbers held in directory
  • Video and audio files held upon the device
  • Cell Site Analysis Can Trace an Individual’s Movements
  • Cell site analysis provides valuable insights which can confirm or disprove alibis. It is a very effective technique to place an individual at a geographical location, especially when supported by witness statements, CCTV images and number plate recognition data. Cell site field survey can be used to trace the path of a mobile phone as it moves from location to location, which can help investigators piece together an individual’s activity leading up to a crime being committed.

Cell Phone Expert Witness for Mobile Phone Analysis

As with computer systems, the use of mobile phones as accessories in crime is becoming increasingly common. A cell phone forensic expert witness can provide cell phone tracking as well as an access to and assess of the data and information found on memory cards or hard drives. This data can include text messages, phone history and social media posts, which can be examined to provide a judgement on whether someone is innocent or guilty. Evidence found by cell phone forensic is used by both the prosecution and defence team; our mobile phone forensics expert witnesses can help both parties make sense of cell phone analysis and accurately interpret the content presented.

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