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Save Time Searching for the Best Forensic IT Expert Witnesses

Contact Foresight and we will match your case to a selection of relevant experts within 24 hours. Foresight offers:

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An IT Forensic Expert Witness for Your Legal Case

Technology is so complex and innovative that understanding how technology can be used as an accessory to criminal activity is a specialist skill. Unfortunately, criminals take advantage of the intelligence available on technological devices such as computers and mobile phones, exploiting their sophistication to help them conduct a wide range of crimes. When abused, computers can play a prevalent part in drug offences, money laundering, fraud and many other types of serious crimes. When computers are used and seized for investigation it causes a huge increase in workload for the legal team involved.

This is why an IT forensic expert witness is brought in: to lessen the workload and provide valuable insight about how the computer, or any device, has been used. An IT forensic expert can also interrogate and analyse a computer’s hard drive or operating system to determine where it has been used and even who has used it. Cell site analysis is one of the methods employed by a cell site analysis expert witness to determine the geographical area of a phone when inbound or outbound calls are made. It can also be used to assess when text messages and downloads were made, who made the calls and whether the suspect was at the scene of the crime when it was committed. A cell site analysis is commonly used by law enforcement agencies to confirm or disprove alibis so they form a critical element of the legal process.

IT Forensics for Court Proceedings

Our IT forensic experts are acclaimed, highly trained and experienced professionals who are renowned for their ability to understand IT related evidence used in court proceedings. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your requirements through our industry-leading IT forensic expert witness service. We can ensure our experts file a completed report within the time frame you set. Contact us to discuss your expert witness requirements and we’ll make sure they are fulfilled.

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