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The Expertise of a Forensic Medical Examiner and How They Can Benefit a Case

Forensic medical examiners (FMEs) are the authority in determining the extent of an injury sustained, as well as how this injury was sustained. They are often called upon when there is ambiguity surrounding a battery, ABH or GBH case. Their role will be to review existing evidence and conduct their own, to add clarity to the case.

The Qualifications and Training of a Forensic Medical Examiner

All forensic medical examiners will be registered medical practitioners; a doctor registered with the General Medical Council under the Medical Act 1983. They have an exceptional knowledge of practical medicine and likely would have been doctors at some point in their career. Due to their predominant background being in understanding and treating afflictions and injuries, FMEs are well placed to apply this knowledge to a court case.

The Role of an FME in a Court Case

The expertise of an FME is determining the cause of an injury sustained, as well as the force used in the act. These aspects of the crime are essential in understanding and ascertaining the actus reus, as well as the mens rea. An FME has the knowledge to determine between what kind of act caused the injury too. For example, in a GBH case an FME would be able to determine whether the victim was beaten with an object, kicked or punched. The answer to this question would be pinnacle in understanding the nature of the crime.

A Forensic Medical Report for Court

As part of their role in a case, an FME will use their knowledge of medicine to evaluate the validity of police reports and evidence. They will also conduct their own examinations and assessments where necessary as to arrive at their own conclusions. Following their examinations of the existing evidence and any necessary further assessments, the FME will write their conclusions into a report for court. Though expert in nature and incredibly detailed, this document will be written as to be understood at a basic understanding of medicine by the court. This report may be read out by the FME in court or passed on to the solicitor.

The Right Forensic Medical Examiner Expert Witness with Foresight

FMEs are often called upon in cases where evidence is unclear or ambiguous and where the need of an expert opinion on the matter is clear. Due to their vast medical and legal experience, FMEs are accustomed to working on cases of this nature and can be a great asset to both the defence and prosecution. They are the authority on understanding the nature and causation of an injury and have an unrivalled ability in determining the granular facets of how an injury was sustained.

By instructing a forensic medical examiner through Foresight you can rest assured that they are highly experienced and court ready. Get in touch with one of our dedicated case managers today, who will send you the CVs of the most relevant FMEs to your case.


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