Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

The Impact of a Medical Expert Witness On Medical Legal Cases

When it comes to understanding medical and clinical evidence, a medical expert witness is indispensible to the legal process. It’s the role of professional medical experts to provide the court with an opinion on the complex clinical issues involved in a legal case. The quality of evidence provided is a decisive factor when determining the credibility and weight of the case which is why medical expert witnesses are so important. Expert medical reports are used by solicitors to assess the likelihood that a case will be successful and can provide useful insight/ clarification.

Opinions Based on the Knowledge of a Medical Expert Witness

In order to be an expert witness, the doctor has to have at least 10-15 years in the industry and must be able to demonstrate their skill, training, knowledge and experience. Medical expert witnesses have to be able to draw from their medical knowledge confidently and accurately so that their opinions are supported by fact. When fact-based opinions aren’t possible, they should be able to provide an objective and accurate opinion to the best of their ability that’s based on the balance of probability.
The educational background and qualifications of the expert doctor must be established in court so you can always be assured that medical expert witnesses are actually experts in their fields. All of our medical expert witnesses have compiled in-depth CVs that detail their medical experience and positions they’ve held.

Able to Provide an Medical Expert Witness Report On a Range of Legal Cases

From personal injury claims to clinical negligence cases, medical expert witnesses are qualified to provide support throughout a range of medical-related legal cases. Medical expert witnesses can determine whether a doctor failed to meet and maintain industry standards, helping solicitors conclude whether a violation has occurred or not. They can also assist in settling issues such as whether an individual was physically capable of committing the crime they are charged with, and also if they’re healthy enough to attend court and participate in a trial with a sound mind.

Here at Foresight we can save you time that can be better spent on other areas of strengthening your case. Our medical expert witnesses can assist with a range of medical-related matters that could impact upon the criminal investigation and trial of an individual. Get in touch and we’ll give you a selection of the best vetted experts so that you can choose your specialised medical expert witness. We have over 150 to choose from; take advantage of them by contacting our team here.



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