Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

The Importance of IT Forensic Expert Witnesses In a Modern Digital World

We live in a world driven by modern technology. As we become more dependent on technological devices in the workplace and in our personal lives, the use of technology as instruments of criminal activity has become more commonplace.
Modern technology is becoming more innovative and intelligent every day which, unfortunately, provides sophisticated devices that play a significant part in a range of crimes. The use of computers and mobile phones can be abused to facilitate drug crime, money laundering, fraud, cyber-attacks and range of other offences.
To analyse the complexities involved in crimes that use technology, outsourcing an expert in the field is essential. In this article we will explore the diverse role of the IT forensic expert witness in legal cases.

IT Forensic Expert Witnesses for Computer Forensics

Computers are so integral to our daily lives and can play an integral part in a range of crimes when they’re abused. When crimes are committed, computers are seized and investigated, adding further complexity and work to the case.
Whether its fraud, cyber bullying, identity theft, phishing, scamming or something else, a computer forensic specialist should always be brought in to strengthen the legal case and analyse the crime thoroughly.
IT Forensic experts can thoroughly examine a computer’s hard drive and operating system before making a valuable judgement on how the computer has been used and whether they believe criminal activity has taken place.

Cell Site Analysis and IT Forensic Expert Witness Reports

Cell site analysis is so vital to the legal process. It helps determine the geographical location of the mobile phone or device using data at the time of a crime that might have been committed. This plays a significant role in confirming or disproving the credibility of an alibi, and determining where individuals were at the scene of the crime.
In order to determine these factors, expert witnesses must be brought in to assess cell site survey, cell mapping, call sequencing and other factors. These variables are used for important evidential reasons.

CCTV Analysis for Prosecution and Defense

CCTV cameras are so ingrained in our daily lives that we go about our day without even thinking we’re being monitored. In fact, they’re so ingrained in our culture that the majority of us police ourselves because in the back of our minds, we know we’re constantly being watched.
CCTV footage is often used to prosecute or prove innocence: experts are used to assess the pictorial evidence. Facial mapping is also another area of analysis that helps determine if that person on the CCTV footage is the accused or just an innocent passer-by.

Mobile Phone Analysis

Our smartphone devices are innovatively equipped to perform a range of functions that we use every day and are increasingly being used in crime. Experts are brought in to assess the data found on the memory cards and hard drives, such as deleted text messages and content found on social media feeds. They then use this data to provide crucial judgements that can determine whether someone is innocent or not.

We know how complex IT Forensics can be which is why we only provide the most experienced and qualified IT forensic experts in the industry. Our IT forensic expert witnesses can provide clear and concise reports to the deadline that you provide.
We understand how vital it is to have the right expert witness for the unique requirements of your case, and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet your demands. Get in touch for a selection of the UK’s best IT forensic expert



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