Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

The Role of a Psychology Expert Witness

A psychology expert witness is someone who has become a qualified psychologist through special training, intensive study and experience. Often deployed to work in family and forensic cases, psychology expert witnesses are competent to provide their expert opinions to family and criminal solicitors as well as crown prosecutors and social services.

As qualified professionals in their own subject areas, workers in the legal industry do not always have the breadth of knowledge needed to provide a strong case. This is where psychology expert witnesses come in: the difference between an expert witness and an ordinary witness is that they can provide a court or tribunal with specialist information that legal professionals can’t supply independently.

A Psychology Expert Witness Can Break Down Complex Specialist Information

One of the important elements of their role is to untangle detailed, jargon-infused pieces of evidence and break it down through a report. Using the knowledge they’ve acquired through research and years dedicated to the profession, they are able to provide supplementary or new information that is outside the knowledge base of the judge, magistrate and jury. This information is often supported by scientific and factual evidence that only those who’ve studied psychology at a high level would know. Although this information is highly esoteric and specialist, the expert witness should be able to simplify it and make it understandable in court.

Providing Informed, Educated Opinions

Whilst ordinary witnesses can only present fact-based opinions in court, psychology expert witnesses are qualified to give their own opinions. They research, gather and assess the evidence before combining it with their expert knowledge so they can give a credible opinion. The quality of the report is vastly improved as they add depth, insight and professionalism that only those who are well versed in psychology can provide. Their fresh, innovative perspectives help lawyers look at the situation differently and strengthen their cases.

Fast Turnaround and Peace of Mind

Psychology expert witness reports are often completed and delivered within four weeks, giving them sufficient time to do a thorough job and giving lawyers time to focus on other elements of court proceedings. Using an expert witness can give legal professionals peace of mind that a vital element of their case is being taken care of by someone who knows what they’re doing and who will add value/weight to their case.

Each psychology expert witness that we provide is a highly qualified professional, adept to offer their expertise in cases that involve families, forensics, children and much more. When it comes to putting forward a compelling case, legal professionals need to make the most of the time they have in order to build the strongest case possible for their clients. We’ll save you time by bringing you a selection of psychology expert witnesses who we know will do the job to the standard you want. Call us to find out more.



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