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Tips to Make Arranging an Expert Witness as Smooth as Possible

Arranging an expert witness can mean the difference between a fair trial and an unjustified final decision that is detrimental to a solicitor’s client. Expert witnesses cover a plethora of specialisms, from medical experts to forensic IT. Each is then broken down into focused categories. When they can have such a significant impact throughout a case, finding yourself the best suited and most qualified expert witness can be time-consuming and add extra stress to your workload. At Foresight Clinical Services, we have made it our duty to provide industry leading expert witnesses. With that in mind, we share our expertise in how you can go about arranging an expert witness as easily and methodically as possible.

Find an Expert Witness with the Correct Specialism

The appointment of an expert witness can reveal exceptional information that would otherwise have been missed. In the same way that a neurosurgeon wouldn’t be asked to do the work of a cardiologist, it is crucial when arranging an expert witness that they are specialised in the field that your case covers. In the medical expert grounds alone, there are tens of specialties from paediatricians to urologists. Likewise, where a mental illness or cognitive behaviour has influenced a particular event, it is important to know whether you require a psychologist or psychiatrist expert witness.
Be sure to do you research into which specific expert you require when arranging an expert witness.

Check the Qualifications of the Expert Witness

Once you have decided upon the correct specialism, you will begin to read through CVs. At this point you must ensure that the “expert” is indeed an expert. Thoroughly check their qualifications, references, recent research, years of professional practice. When arranging an expert witness, you may also ask for examples of their previous experience acting as an expert witness.

Ensure the Expert Witness Can Attend Trial if Necessary

In some cases, it will be appropriate for an expert witness to be present in court to provide their independent opinion. Depending upon the expert’s requirements and specialism, the court will recognise their professional standing and their extensive clinical or professional practise and years of training. This means that they are qualified to give their opinion to the court. Confirming that your expert witness is able to attend the court date is therefore essential.

Begin Arranging an Expert Witness as Early as Possible

Unsurprisingly, in order to be as well prepared as possible for each stage of the case, it is advised to begin your search for an expert witness sooner rather than later. The expert witness can shed substantial light on a case by acutely assessing the evidence and/or the client(s). They will then produce a comprehensive report which can considerably strengthen the case. For this reason, it is important to allow the expert the most time available to be able to perform these in-depth assessments and write them into an accessible document for the use of a solicitor.

Contact Foresight Clinical Services When Arranging an Expert Witness

A consultation with one of our highly experienced case managers will enable us to offer a list of the most appropriate expert witnesses from our extensive pool of leading experts. This will not only alleviate the stress of streaming through heaps of CVs to check credentials, it also means that, whatever your timeframe, you will be delivered an accurate report from a leading expert with a seamless and cost-effective service.
If you are considering arranging an expert witness without extra stress, get in touch.


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