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Top 5 Unusual Expert Witnesses

For nearly 15 years, Foresight has been sourcing the most suitable expert witnesses for legal professionals in family, criminal and immigration law. We’ve sourced everything from CCTV Analyst Expert Witnesses to Child Psychologist Expert Witnesses, as well as provided some of the more uncommon industry professionals.

We’ve pulled together a list of five of the most unusual expert witnesses we’ve sourced for clients - read on to discover what they are.

1. Dog Behaviour Expert Witness

A Dog Behaviourist can be used for both the prosecution and the defence to provide support if your client’s dog has been seized under the Dangerous Dog Act or has been accused of biting a person.

There are a variety of skills required to be a Dog Expert Witness, including the ability to objectively assess a dog, its owner and their capability to safely manage their pet. When instructed for a case, a Dog Behaviour Expert Witness will provide a thorough assessment and deliver a quality, detailed report ready to be presented in court.

2. Gemologist Expert Witness

A Gemologist’s expertise lies with jewellery, jewellery appraisal, gems, gemstones and minerals, and they are experienced in the studying, cutting, valuing, buying and selling of precious stones. Diamonds, pearls, opals, amethyst, rubies and sapphires are just an example of the gems they work with.

In legal cases, a Gemologist Expert Witness may be called on to provide forensic appraisals for gemstones and minerals, as well as an interpretation of fair market value, evaluation theory, market research and methodology - all of which will be presented in a comprehensive report.

3. Lip Reader Expert Witness

A Forensic Lip Reader utilises all visual clues, including lip movements, facial expressions, body language and context, to identify the intended meaning of a speaker. In criminal law cases, Lip Reader Expert Witnesses are hired to gather information from surveillance agencies, often interpreting what was said on CCTV footage.

4. Meteorologist Expert Witness

The field of meteorology spans everything from atmospheric sciences, climatology and surveying to hurricane damage analysis, weather analysis and climate change. As there are many different types of damage caused by weather conditions, Meteorologist Expert Witnesses are called on for legal cases to give an honest and unbiased opinion about how weather conditions may or may not have affected the incident in question. When in court, a Meteorologist Expert Witness will deliver evidence by means of a written report and verbally in the witness box, if required, to detail the development of a weather event.

5. Use of Force Expert Witness

Use of Force Expert Witnesses are used for a variety of cases where an individual has been injured by another through physical force. At Foresight, we were instructed for a case concerning an individual in prison who had punched another person.This particular case required a Use of Force Expert Witness to determine whether the punch was an excessive use of force as the perpetrator was trained in fighting.

At Foresight, we have a comprehensive panel of over 750 expert witnesses - all who are eminent within their field of expertise, no matter how obscure. You can rest assured that when you instruct us for your case, we’ll source the most suitably qualified, experienced and renowned expert for your case.

If you’re unsure of the kind of expert witness you need for your case, call us today on 0330 088 9000 - our knowledgeable team will be happy to help.



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