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What a Pathologist Expert Witness Can Do for Your Case

In both criminal and civil law cases, a pathologist expert witness is often called upon by a solicitor in order to perform extensive investigations and evaluations of body-based evidence. Pathologists deal primarily with the study and diagnosis of disease. However it involves three components in particular: histopathology (tissue samples), cytology (individual cells), and autopsy. Doctors and particularly those in A&E do not have the luxury of time to document with forensic detail, the results of a quick patient assessment. Naturally, things can be missed. The expertise of the pathologist in particular research areas and their years of clinical practice can directly influence or shed significant light on a case.

Foresight Clinical Services are providers of pathologist expert witness working at the top of their field in all specialisms; including Neuropathology, Histopathology, and Forensic Pathology. Here we share how a pathologist expert witness can be an insightful addition to a case.

Cause and Mechanism of Death or Injury

This also covers the diagnosis of disease and its genesis in a patient. There are many cases for which a pathologist expert witness will be called upon. These include physical trauma, medical negligence, and misdiagnosis of a physical disease that affects the behaviour of an individual. The pathology expert can perform extensive tests and analyses of body tissues, blood, and other bodily fluids to decipher the severity of injury to the body. Where death has occurred, they can distinguish the possible cause in addition to the manner, or mechanism, of death. This information can be used confidently by a solicitor.

Decipher Level of Conscious Pain and Suffering

As a consequence of an accidental or intentional injury or continuation of infection, the forensic pathology expert will be able to answer the question often asked in court: how much did this patient/individual suffer? Where death does not happen instantaneously, the pathologist will analyse the cause and mechanism of death alongside an examination of evidence documenting the scene and surrounding circumstances. Subsequently they can establish the time taken to die and for how long and to what extent an individual would have consciously felt pain.

Provide Report and Objective Opinion in Court

Whilst the pathology expert performs extensive tests on tissues and fluids they will produce a comprehensive report that can be used directly by a solicitor in their case. The instruction of a Pathologist or Forensic Pathologist will aid the solicitor to understand what may otherwise be a jargon infused, highly specialised, and therefore inaccessible, medical report.

The years of study and clinical practice undertaken by a pathologist is recognised and respected by the court. For this reason, the pathologist can act as an expert witness and give their professional opinion in court having considered all the evidence extracted from the case. A combination of their report and, where required, the pathology expert opinion, will serve to strengthen a court case.

At Foresight Clinical Services, we understand that your time is valuable and hard-pressed. We also know that there are many specialisms within pathology. That is why we provide a pool of the UK’s leading accredited Pathology Expert Witnesses. By letting us know your case details and court deadlines, we can ensure that the pathology report is produced by the correct pathology specialist on schedule so that you can be best prepared. If you require a pathology expert witness, get in touch for a free consultation with one of our dedicated case managers.



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