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What are Forensic Accountants and How Can They Help Your Case?

Al Capone – legend, mobster, gangster and convict of financial fraud. Commonly known as Scarface, Al Capone was at large in the 1920s and was involved in many illicit activities, such as running speakeasies, nightclubs and distilleries. Although federal agents were chasing Capone for many crimes, it was actually forensic accountants who ensured his conviction by proving tax evasion

Capone’s crimes may be a thing of the past, but financial fraud has hit an all-time high. Over the years it has grown at an alarming rate while also becoming an even more sophisticated and devastating crime. This is because the way we earn, spend and save money has evolved, giving criminals more opportunities to money launder and commit fraud.

What is a Forensic Accountant and why do I need one?

From small thefts to corporate fraud, money laundering to bribery – financial crime comes in many forms and has many strands of evidence that need investigation. These particular kinds of legal cases can be very lengthy and complicated, meaning solicitors requiring Forensic Accountants need qualified, experienced and reliable expert witnesses to help paint a convincing picture of evidence.

As specialists in accounting, auditing and investigation, Forensic Accountants use their expertise to deliver an independent opinion on the financial data, answering questions such as ‘What was the value of the business?’, ‘How much earnings has the claimant lost?’ and ‘What is the correct value of criminal benefit?’.

Due to the depth of evidence that must be investigated in financial fraud cases, many legal professionals struggle to find the time to build a convincing case from the evidence – that’s where Forensic Accountants come in. Using their expertise, Forensic Accountants make sense of the data and deliver valuable insights to solicitors for both prosecution and defence.

Leaving no stone unturned, Forensic Accountants investigate every detail of financial evidence using a variety of techniques, including computer-assisted auditing, counting cash and documentation reviews.

Choose Foresight for Forensic Accounting Experts

Gathering and analysing data, interviewing parties and compiling a report are just some of the responsibilities of a Forensic Accountant Expert Witness. They play a vital role in ensuring the entirety of a crime is investigated, which is why we ensure all our experts are fully trained, qualified accountants with a wealth of experience. Our experts are either accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales or are members of the Academy of Experts or the Expert Witness Register.

Whether you’re dealing with a large scale corporate fraud investigation or fatal accident claim, we will supply the appropriate forensic accountancy specialist for your case. Contact us today and gain access to our extensive network of expert witnesses.


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