Aug 9, 2019 by Foresight

What are the Advantages of Appointing an Independent IT Expert Witness?

The on-going technological advancements are simultaneously fascinating and essential. From medicine to communications, and banking to infrastructure, we are increasingly dependent upon technology and its vastly complex systems. This dependence upon technology has left each of us personally and professionally vulnerable to online crime. More and more frequently the news is splattered with stories of data theft, security system hacks, fraudulent activity, money laundering; the list goes on for which technology is the facilitator or the target of crime.
When solicitors are faced with such cases, they will often appoint an independent IT expert witness to assist in sourcing solid evidence which can be used directly by the solicitor and in court. Foresight Clinical Services are proud to provide the UK’s most targeted network of forensic IT expert witnesses. We want to share how a solicitor can benefit from the instruction of an independent forensic IT expert witness.

Benefit From a Forensic IT Expert Witness with Experience in Spotting Criminal Activity

To most of us, our everyday use of a computer involves using emails, the internet, Microsoft Office programmes and the like. The ins and outs of the computer systems are largely inaccessible to us. A solicitor can benefit from the instruction of a forensic IT expert witness’s profound knowledge of computer systems. Not only that, the forensic IT expert witness is highly experienced in using their skills to accurately and succinctly pinpoint code, online accounts, or activity which may indicate criminal involvement. The same task would be intensely time-consuming, if not impossible for a solicitor to conduct themselves.

Forensic IT Expert Witness to Provide Valuable Insight Across Devices

The role of a forensic IT expert witness is varied dependent upon each case. Their expertise however can cover a range of technological devices including computers, mobile phones, and tablets. When a solicitor instructs an independent IT expert witness they can benefit from an in depth analysis of a computer’s hard drive and operating system. In doing so, a forensic IT expert witness has the opportunity to determine when, where, and perhaps who has used it. Some of their investigation may involve cell site analysis which can be used to attain a geographical location from which an inbound/outbound call or message was received, or where a device connected to the internet. By examining a computer’s hard drive, the forensic IT expert witness may also conclude whether or not the criminal activity was committed by an individual or a larger criminal network. Undoubtedly, this is imperative information for the authorities.

A Forensic IT Expert Witness Report Makes Highly Specialised Information Accessible

Unsurprisingly, the assessments performed by a forensic IT expert witness and the evidence found as a result is often highly specialised and intricate. Simply passed over to a solicitor, it would be difficult to make use of such evidence. Crucially, the IT report produced by the forensic IT expert witness is comprehensive in its detail, but is written in language that is entirely accessible to non-experts. This is a great advantage of appointing an independent IT expert witness since the solicitor can use their report directly when forming their case as well as sharing the new evidence with the court.

From data interpretation and deleted data recovery, to cloud storage investigations and system analysis, a forensic IT expert witness can uncover substantial evidence. Online criminal activity is a continuing problem and something that solicitors are increasingly encountering. Save time and money by instructing a forensic IT expert witness with the help of Foresight’s dedicated case managers today.


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