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What Do Psychiatry Expert Witness Fees Include?

The role of a psychiatry expert witness is varied and often invaluable to a court case. Where present, recognising mental illnesses, such as PTSD, anxiety and mental disabilities, is essential in supporting fair trial and crucial to the protection of vulnerable individuals. As an independent professional body, the psychiatrist expert witness can apply their profound knowledge and experience to a subject whose circumstances fall within their field of expertise.

To appoint a psychiatry expert witness a solicitor must be able to cover the psychiatrist expert witness fees. Knowing what these fees include is imperative, particularly when there is a strict budget in place. As providers of the most focused network of psychiatry expert witnesses, our case managers are highly skilled in helping solicitors appoint an individual whose expert witness fees sit within their budget. In our blog we share what is included in psychiatry expert witness fees.

Psychiatry Expert Witness Fees Inclusive of Reviews

Acting as a psychiatry expert witness, a psychiatrist has a number of responsibilities to the case which are covered by the psychiatry expert witness fees. Once a psychiatry expert witness has been appointed, they must read and review the existing evidence alongside medical records. Due to their vast clinical experience in researching, diagnosing and treating mental illnesses and disorders, this evidence evaluation process can highlight significant and specialised information which might otherwise have been missed by the solicitor. This new information will inform the psychiatrist expert witness of what assessments are needed.

Psychiatric Expert Witness Fees Cover Assessments

It goes without saying that a psychiatrist expert witness fee will include psychiatric assessments. As a qualified medical doctor, a psychiatrist expert witness has dedicated their professional pursuits to researching, diagnosing and treating mental illnesses and disorders. With a wealth of clinical experience, a psychiatrist expert witness can perform psychiatric assessments on the individual in question. This may be to confirm a previously diagnosed mental illness, or to determine an undiagnosed mental illness. A diagnosis of this kind can significantly strengthen the solicitor’s case.

Psychiatrist Expert Witness Fees Include Psychiatry Report Writing

A psychiatry report is perhaps the most valuable piece of evidence when a solicitor is forming their case. Since psychiatry is such a vast and complex discipline, the types of psychiatric reports are varied, though each is equally detailed and accessible to those without a shared knowledge base of the psychiatrist expert witness. Within Family Law and Criminal Law psychiatrist expert witness fees will cover psychiatry reports of adults and the elderly, children and families. For example, a psychiatry report may document the impact of mental illness upon parenting ability, fitness to plead, the manifestation of addiction leading to criminal activity, mental health tribunals or second opinion reports. A report from a psychiatrist expert witness whose expertise is acutely related to a case can ensure the administration of justice since the solicitor and court are fully informed.

Travel Costs, Court Appearances and Psychiatrist Expert Witness Fees

When instructing a psychiatrist expert witness through Foresight Clinical Services, travel is inclusive of the overall expert witness fee. However, where a psychiatrist expert witness must travel to a hospital, prison, or secure unit, an additional charge is incurred. If you intend to find your expert witness independently, be sure to clarify whether expected travel is included in the psychiatrist expert witness fee.

Court appearances are not uncommon for a psychiatry expert witness. Speaking in court, the psychiatrist expert witness has a recognised professional standing that is respected. Sharing their expert opinion, the expert witness may further strengthen a solicitor’s case and ensure that the court is fully informed of their medical conclusions. In some cases, the additional working hours will have a further fee, however in a criminal defence case court fees are usually covered by the court and not the solicitor.

Psychiatrist Expert Witness Fees with Foresight

We understand the importance of transparency regarding your psychiatrist expert witness fees. After consultation with a Foresight case manager, we will be able to understand exactly what is required from your psychiatrist expert witness and within 24 hours provide you with a targeted expert for your case whose fees are in line with your guidelines. Get in touch today for stress-free, cost effective psychiatry expert witness instruction.


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