Aug 9, 2019 by Foresight

What is the Purpose of a Medico Legal Report in a Medical Malpractice Case?

Medicine is one of the most complex and technologically advancing disciplines. Without doubt, we depend upon those professionals working within medicine – from integral reception staff to researchers of obscure diseases, to general surgeons. In spite of the guidelines in place and the legal requirements of medical professionals, things can go wrong, mistakes can be made, and patients can respond badly to treatment. This is especially the case when a diminishing budget is putting staff under such extreme pressure. When a case is brought forward as a result of suspected medical malpractice, solicitors will often instruct a medical expert witness to assist. As providers of the most targeted network of UK medical expert witnesses, we want to share the purpose of a medico legal report and its role in strengthening a case.

Documentation of New Evidence in Medical Expert Report

When a solicitor appoints a medical expert witness, they employ a professional with vast experience in the specific field. Using this experience, the medical expert witness can take to the available evidence and determine whether or not there is proof of incompetence in the medical care received by the patient. They may also perform medical assessments of the patient involved to determine to what extent their health has been compromised since and because of the events which brought about the case. Their evaluation of the evidence alongside patient assessments can not only confirm or challenge what is in the case, but also uncover significant new evidence. Written into the medico legal report, this new evidence can be used directly by the solicitor to strengthen their case.

Accessible Medico Legal Reports for Informed Decisions

The importance of medical expert evidence must not be underestimated. With their profound knowledge and skills, a targeted medical expert witness can take the existing evidence and their own findings to form an expert and informed medical opinion. The purpose of the medico legal report is to have the medical expert witness document their involvement and their closing opinions on the case. However, writing the medico legal report in a way which is accessible to those without a shared bank of specialist medical knowledge is imperative. In short, the medical expert report must be written so that their evidence and conclusion is clear, and does not require those reading it to do further research. The report therefore not only saves the solicitor valuable time, but when shared with the court, it enables informed decisions to be made.

It is clear that the instruction of a medical expert witness can give substantial strength to a case. As an expert in their field, the evidence documented in the medico legal report is supported by years of clinical practice and is therefore respected by the court and can be used confidently by the solicitor. If you are a solicitor in need of a medical expert report for your case, the case managers at Foresight Clinical Services are here to help. We are well versed with assisting solicitors in appointing the most focused and relevant medical expert witness for their case with the promise of a fast and thorough turnaround. To learn more about our services, or to begin your search for a leading medical expert witness, get in touch today.



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