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What is the Role of a CCTV Facial Mapping Expert in a Criminal Case?

CCTV has become incredibly familiar to us in recent history. In fact, it is rare that a public place, stadium or factory will not be littered with CCTV cameras. Though these cameras cover a great deal of ground, they cannot capture everything; and due to their relatively low quality in many places, CCTV evidence can be hard to interpret or inconclusive. In cases where the clarity of CCTV footage is called into question, a CCTV facial mapping expert witness may be able to add some transparency.

What Kind of Issues Can There Be with CCTV Footage?

Due to the varied use of CCTV footage- home, business and public – the quality of the footage can vary massively. Some cameras will record in HD and may also use sound, whereas others will simply take intermittent still images. Furthermore, most CCTV is recorded in black and white;this can make it even more difficult to identify a suspect or vehicle. In these instances, where footage may be perceived as inadmissible, a CCTV facial mapping expert witness may be able to make a huge impact on the case.

How Can a CCTV Facial Mapping Expert Witness Help?

The facial mapping technique is a proven way of getting the most out of CCTV footage. Experts will compare the facial proportions and features of one individual to an image of a suspect in custody and awaiting trial. This technique is all about adding clarity as to the likelihood that the individual in custody is also the individual seen in the footage. In the case of a lack of similarities, the suspect or suspects in question may be dismissed. A Gait analysis may also take place. This analysis is based on an in-depth look at the way the suspect in the footage walks and moves, the suspect in custody may then be asked to walk or move in a similar way in order to determine the likelihood that it was them in the footage. CCTV facial mapping experts may also make use of The Facial Identification Scientific Working Group, and their international database of images. This organisation exists to improve the way in which human image cross-referencing is conducted. By comparing images and styles of movement, a CCTV facial mapping expert will be able to extract all of the information possible out of a piece of footage.

The Importance of an Expert Opinion

As this technique is based on the individual expert’s opinion, there is a certain amount of subjectivity involved in the process as there is no uniform method. However, the CCTV facial mapping expert witness will prove to the court that their methodology in the process of arriving at their conclusions, were sound and reasonable. They will also stress that their impartiality in the matter is unquestionable. While it is fair to say that CCTV evidence can make a great impact on a court case, it may sometimes need interpreting professionally in order to be of any use. It is not uncommon for CCTV footage to be the only evidence tying an individual or vehicle to a location, therefore it is essential that this evidence is used to its full potential.

Hiring a CCTV Facial Mapping Expert Witness Through Foresight

By enhancing, revising and comparing images, a CCTV facial mapping expert witness can add a great deal of weight to a court case. If you require a CCTV facial mapping expert for a criminal case, contact the Foresight Clinical Services team today. We pride ourselves on our responsive service, and will provide you with a fully itemised quote and expert CV within 24 hours of your enquiry. One of our dedicated case managers will be in constant contact with you and send you the CVs of the most experienced CCTV facial mapping expert witnesses available.


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