Aug 12, 2019 by Foresight

What Psychiatric Expert Witnesses Can Bring To Your Legal Case

Humans are capable of doing inexplicable things and it’s the role of the psychiatrist to untangle some of the mysteries of the human mind. Psychiatry is an area of study within the medical discipline that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and behavioural disorders. Concerned primarily with the condition of the human mind, psychiatric’s are charged with the responsibility of assessing all kinds of medical conditions that can occur in the brain.

When it comes to legal cases, psychiatric expert witnesses play an integral role in resolving disputes and ensuring the administration of justice. Using their expert knowledge of neurology and cognitive traits, psychiatrists can analyse evidence to provide high quality medical testimonies that are based on their expert understanding of human behaviour. In this article, we will explore some key advantages an expert psychiatrist witness can bring to a legal case.

Psychiatric Expert Witnesses Provide Objective, Expertly Researched Opinions

When someone commits a crime, it’s important to determine if they did it intentionally or if they’re victims of some sort of disorder that causes them to behave irrationally and not in abidance with the law. There are a huge range of psychiatric conditions and mental health issues that can cause unlawful behaviour; it’s the psychiatric expert witness’s role to use their knowledge of these conditions to provide answers that solicitors can’t get themselves. Through in-depth mental health assessments with the accused, they bring clarity and honest judgement to cases that can be problematical because of medical jargon and the complexity of the human mind.

Detailed and Credible Expert Witness Reports

Psychiatric expert witnesses are independent professionals who report with 100% honesty. Governed by rules, protocols, codes and the guidance of other external bodies, expert witnesses have a high standard of service that they have to uphold. In order to be able to provide a straightforward, objective and reliable medical testimony, a psychiatric expert witness should always have the appropriate, high level professional qualifications. They must also meet the required industry standards which is why in all cases, our experts are Section 12 approved. A report from someone who specialises in psychiatry will combine academic expertise and a well-balanced opinion to put forward a strong report. This will reassure the court that the evidence presented has been verified, supported by research and sanctioned by someone who has a solid grasp of medical documents.

Over the years, we’ve amassed a huge network of psychiatric expert witnesses that specialise in adding value to your legal cases. All of our Psychiatric Expert Witnesses are registered with the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Psychiatrists so you can be assured of their credibility. Whether you want to determine someone’s fitness to plead through or get a full mental health assessment, when you contact our friendly team we’ll give you access to the right expert witnesses for your unique requirements. We can provide the full breadth of psychiatric expert witnesses: child psychiatry experts, adult and forensic psychiatry experts and family focused psychiatry experts.


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