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What to Expect from the Instruction of a Psychiatry Expert Witness

Appointing a psychiatry expert witness can be the difference between fair trial and injustice. As qualified medical doctors who have specialised in the vast and complex field of psychiatry, their dedication to the study of and clinical experience in the illnesses and disorders of the human mind gives opportunity to uncover otherwise veiled evidence that a solicitor’s knowledge base could not access.
In doing so they may help to significantly strengthen a case since their professional standing gives credibility to their methodology, report, and where necessary, their expert opinion in court. It is crucial that the expertise of the expert witness is specific to the case on which they are instructed. As providers of the most targeted network of psychiatry expert witnesses, we want to share what you can expect from your expert witness with Foresight Clinical Services.

Review of Evidence Beside Psychiatric Analysis

The cases requiring a psychiatry expert witness are extensive and ranging throughout civil, family, and criminal law. No matter the case, the psychiatry expert is expected to perform an in-depth review of the available evidence. Using this information they can then complete thorough psychiatric analyses on the necessary individuals in order to determine any mental health factors, disorders, missed diagnoses, or misdiagnoses, prior to or as a result of the incident that has led to the court case.

Instructing a psychiatry expert witness can be essential for a fair trial. For example, in a criminal defence case, an individual with an incorrect diagnosis of a mental illness or an undiagnosed disorder is left vulnerable going into court proceedings. A psychiatry expert will assess whether the individual can understand and participate in the court proceedings and as a result can produce a Fitness to Plead report. Once diagnosed and after an evaluation of how the illness manifests, the psychiatrist expert can define to what extent the accused can be held responsible for their criminal activity and how they should serve their sentence.

A Comprehensive Psychiatry Report – On Time and On Budget

Anyone who is considered an expert within their field will have profound knowledge of their discipline from case studies and years of research alongside clinical experience. A psychiatry expert will also be able to explain complex theories and diagnosis to their patients and carers/guardians/required bodies without the highly specialised and complicated language that the non-experts are not able to fully understand. The same approach is taken when producing their comprehensive psychiatry report. As is necessary to be able to use report of an expert witness in court, the psychiatry expert witness will write up their methodology in order to clearly outline how they reached their conclusions.

Give Psychiatry Expert Opinion in Court

Often, the expert witness will be called upon to offer their opinion in court. It is important that the opinion is directly related to their involvement with the case and the conclusions that they have come to as a result. Recognised and respected by the court, the expert witness opinion can help to determine the final decision. Should their opinion incorporate ideas that are outside of their expertise, they may be challenged by the court and their opinion deemed inutile. There are a number of reasons that the evidence given by an expert may be challenged, however, Foresight will only provide experienced and entirely competent expert witnesses who fully understand the legal process and its regulations; our experts are always court-ready.

If you require a psychiatry expert witness, get in touch with one of our dedicated case managerswho will assist you in finding the most suited expert for your case.



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